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  1. G

    Patched  - [PC~|XBOX|PS4]Store any non-blacklisted vehicle on your garage

    mods edit plz WARNINGS BEFORE YOU START -> 1. the ~ on the title for PC -> You can't store any vehicles that have insurance (PVS from friends) You can store stuff like: Pegasus Vehicles (MTL DUNE | PARTY BUSS) Slamvan from missions like Ms.Baker's Lost in Transit Cypress flats RNG (1/3) High...
  2. chrisPtune

    Patched  Possible way to get the teddy bear on the bodhi grille?

    Hey, sorry if this has been posted anywhere already, I don't really follow the discovery thread. I bought a bodhi the other day and was editing it in the arena with my friend in the car (in one of the basement level workshops, not the actual main level), and when I was changing the bumper he...

    Patched  Store and Mod any NON BLACKLISTED Pegasus vehicles in Garage with RC Bandito

    ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Requirements: Pegasus vehicle that you wanna mod (festive bus, dune, etc) Modded RC bandito Arena Workshop Level Garage with atleast 1 vehicle (you won’t lose the vehicle in the process) Bunker with MOC and personal vehicles storage Car inside the Personal vehicle storage that...
  4. Nickname230

    Patched  Possible RC bandito glitch (Store it as PV) [Need help]

    Hello everyone! From one of my active friends of GTA:O, I got messaged about some wierd glitch happened his friend, where he accidently stored RC bandito inside garage. Here the screenshot I got from one of my friends: So what I got a bit info after this screenshot: After this, I did...
  5. S

    Working  Wall Breach and Spawn Into Weasel Plaza Apartments With Your Vehicles

    Hey guys, So I wanted to show you this fun glitch on how to wall breach into your apartment at Weasel Plaza and be able to spawn in with the Oppressor mk2 and the Thruster jetpack. I posted the video below to show where to do the wall breach and how it looks. All you need to do is position...
  6. 7sEnthusiast


    Enjoy this video!!
  7. bayshotyou


    Duplicate post: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/new-workaround-merge-bennys-modded-cars.1760285/#post-13938011 founder ??? requirements :you will need to own an arena property with levels G,b1,b2,a vapid minivan a donor car and the car you will be modding and a friend friends...
  8. LoSt Glitches


    The CEO method might be canceling out the glitch , were still testing , the GC2F still works....try parking the MOC with no animation....have your friend sit on the back of the faggio, join friend in job once to get quick alert, then real fast right dpad and join friend,or use shark cards...
  9. Bad4Bizz

    Working  Change name of personal vehicle.

    Hello, this is the first time I'm making a thread and I'm Dutch, so exsqueeze my writing. Don't know anyone noticed but you can change the name of normal PV showing in garage or calling mechanic. 1- Have a PV that you want to rename in your garage/MOC. 2- Drive an Arena War Vehicle in Arena...
  10. GrayRat

    News  A New Vehicle “Quadcrasher” Is On Its Way To Fortnite: BR

    According to the Fortnite’s in-game “Message of the Day” menu, a new vehicle called the Quadcrasher is coming to the game with the release of its next update. The message reads “Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!”. Furthermore, from looking at the image of the in-game...
  11. I

    Solved  Unable to request glitched vehicles from SVW?

    First post on this site, apologies if this isn't the right place for this. Back when the "full facility" glitches were in full swing (around update 1.42?), I stored a lot of vehicles in my SVW so that I could call them with no cooldown time. I had an elegy, vigilante, deluxo, and hunter stored...
  12. Captain Pocky

    Tutorial  Charles Modding for Aircraft and Other Special Vehicles

    Hello again everyone, This thread describes how to use iFruit & Charles to mod non-car vehicles like aircraft, the AA trailer, special vehicles, and even the MOC. Very importantly, I also include how to avoid dead spots while doing this. These methods aren't particularly new, and are scattered...
  13. Captain Pocky

    Working  AVOID DEAD SPOTS -- A Guide to Vehicle Storage & "Any PV Any Garage" Glitches

    Hello all, Recently I have seen a lot of people trying to figure out what is causing their dead spots and I therefore thought I would create a thread dedicated to the things I have learned about dead spots & the way this game saves vehicles. This guide is broken down into background...
  14. B

    Solved  "You do not have access to this personal vehicle" after street car dupe

    Hi this is my 1st time posting ANY type of thread so let me know if I'm doing something incorrectly, because I've seen people get dogged out for random things And this is the only place I know about where I can post. So.... I'm currently attempting this street car dupe method by PAPINIICE but...
  15. PUBG Desert Map Will Include This Brand-New Vehicle

    PUBG Desert Map Will Include This Brand-New Vehicle

    The massively popular PUBG is adding a new desert map, but that's not all. A retro-looking pickup truck is also being added to PUBG, and it'll be exclusive to the new map. An image of this new vehicle was shared on Twitter by the game's official account. The image also shows off more of the...
  16. This Week's GTA 5 Update Adds A New Weaponized Vehicle Option

    This Week's GTA 5 Update Adds A New Weaponized Vehicle Option

    Rockstar has revealed this week's batch of updates and bonuses for Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode, GTA Online. These include a new vehicle option, a slew of discounts on bunkers and more, and a new Knuckleduster Pocket Tee that all players can receive for free just by signing in this...
  17. R

    Solved  Glitched Vehicles

    Which vehicles are able to be glitched (ex. the Panto w/o sides, topless Casco, etc.)? I was just wondering as I remembered that there used to be a good amount of these back on old-gen consoles.
  18. Battleaxe

    Solved  License Plate/Dirty Dupe Question

    Hey guys, Basically I hadn't played GTA V Online in over a year, and prior to this I did a duplication glitch before whereby I duplicated my Zentorno. I have the original and 2 duplicates which each had different stock license plates; However when I brought the original to LSC it allowed me to...
  19. o M A F 1 A o

    Mod Menu  [REL] XMC ModMenu v6.0 Final - IV/EFLC

    V6.0 Final! Keep in mind, this is just a .5 (5 sub-versions) after v5.5.Farewell GTA IV Community - Emman This menu includes a 18 slot mod loader. Name them xmc1.sco - xmc18.sco LB + RB or L1 + R1 for IV/TBOGT Download - Everyone (Private version) Virus Scan Download - Admin (Will ONLY work...
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