vehicle duplication

  1. B

    Solved  "You do not have access to this personal vehicle" after street car dupe

    Hi this is my 1st time posting ANY type of thread so let me know if I'm doing something incorrectly, because I've seen people get dogged out for random things And this is the only place I know about where I can post. So.... I'm currently attempting this street car dupe method by PAPINIICE but...
  2. N

    Patched  Possible Dupe Needs Help

    On PS4: Found this on accident while tooling around, but haven't been able to follow it all the way through. 1.At the Great Chaparral MC Clubhouse park a personal vehicle to the left of the gas pumps facing the garage. 2. Get out and go into garage entrance. 3. Get on any bike stored there and...
  3. NicGoRe

    Working  Daily Sell Limit for Personal Vehicles

    This information is meant to be a safe guide or strategy to selling duplicated vehicles. Over the last 2 years, I have seen quite a few changes in this information. Keep in mind that I do not actively monitor the tunables, background scripts or modshop files after a new update. If a new update...
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