1. S

    Solved  I want to enjoy the game...

    But I’m broke asf and every glitch involves having a Avenger or something that’s too expensive. I only have 20k atm. I don’t know what to do besides missions but they’re no fun. Lobbies filled with players who have everything and I only have a couple cars, lol. I did get the enterprise pack but...
  2. S

    Solved  Can anyone help me make some cash?

    I love GTA but never have the time to grind out missions and it seems every money glitch involves having things I don’t own. I have less than 100K atm. I’m not asking for handouts, I just want to enjoy the game again.
  3. WolfYouTube

    Solved  Rgh wont read

    Hi, I am trying to put my GTA V disc i the rgh console but everytime I do it says "Open Tray" any help?
  4. Cornholio2212

    Patched  Mountain Wall breach (new) 1.30

    1. go to mount chiliad 2. Same spot as where the epsilon tract 4 is. 3. run and jump into the door that says 'Danger High Voltage'. 4. keep trying to run, jump roll or even fall till you are in the door note. May take a few attempts here is a video tutorial
  5. Innovative

    | Innovative's Cash Drop Lobbies | OPEN | INSANE | MILLIONS IN SECONDS |

    Innovative's Cash Drops (Partnered with Cafe Cash Drops) CLICK HERE TO DONATE! (Email: [email protected]) *NEW HOST GAMERTAG ___________________________________________________ Lobby Status: Temp (Closed) Lobby open from 4:20PM-5:20PM EST (XBOX 360)...
  6. x64

    | Cafe's Cash Drop Lobbies |CLOSED | INSANE | MILLIONS IN SECONDS |

    Cafe's Cash Drops (Partnered with Innovative's Cash Drops) ___________________________________________________ Lobby Status: CLOSED Lobby open from 4:20PM-5:20PM EST Every Day ___________________________________________________ Rules: MAKE SURE TO SEE THE SAVE CIRCLE BEFORE YOU LEAVE 1. No...
  7. Arxhive

    deadmau5's GTA V Ultimate Basic Modding Guide! (SP ONLY)

    This ever-changing guide is intended to help players that are new to any kind of mod installation on GTA V. It will cover the basics such as mod installation, basic tools/programs needed, and where everything goes. Top Sites For Mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/ http://www.nexusmods.com/gta5/...
  8. Final Fantasy V Coming to PC

    Final Fantasy V Coming to PC

    Square Enix has announced today that Final Fantasy V will be getting its own release on Steam. The fifth installment in the legendary Final Fantasy series was originally released in Japan in 1992 for the SNES, and came later on the PlayStation and GameBoy Advance. True to its name, Final Fantasy...
  9. Sin

    Mod Menu  GTA: Online Online Bypass 1.31 WIP | Mod Menu Mega Thread | Info Thread

    Bypass updated as of September 18th Simple Trainer V2.1 https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/5132cbee8caee54a9a1874209fb6d2e45d692875925f9528845b91fe760bc452/analysis/1437578857/ kr0wns 2.1...
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