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    Black Friday 2018 Deals Thread

    for all ads: Kohl's (Opens 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 3 PM PST Thanksgiving Day) Target ad Walmart $199 1tb PS4 Spiderman bundle more to come Costco BJ's ad Shopko Dell [/spoiler] Meijer ad (Opens 7 PM EST, 6 PM CST, 10 PM PST Thanksgiving Day)
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    Ghosts BO3 WWII - Guerrilla Gamers - Recruiting !

    Guerrilla Gamers is recruiting !. GGC is a brand NEW clan.. lets be honest- it sucks playing with randoms that dont even have mics lol.. you want to Be sure that you have a good team to play. I am the leader of a NEW cod clan called " Guerrilla Gamers" and im looking for members to join...
  3. PS4 Sale: US PSN Game Deals From Now Until Jan. 23

    PS4 Sale: US PSN Game Deals From Now Until Jan. 23

    Sony has rolled out a new selection of game deals in the PlayStation Store. As was the case last week, this week's batch of deals is very slim, with only a handful of discounts available on PS4, PS3, and Vita, but players may still find something worth picking up on their console of choice...
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    IW !! NEW !! Guerrilla Gamers !! RECRUITING !!

    Welcome to Guerrilla Gamers. GGC IS a brand new clan, it was founded February of 2017. We broke off from a much larger community with the hopes of creating a friendly environment where all gamers can play, be competitive, and have fun. We are active on the XBOX One and we Play Call of Duty...
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    Clan Tryouts

    Do You need a clan for BO3, IW, or MW ? I am recruiting today. Requirements: * MUST be 18+. with a working mic * Must be an Active gamer from the USA, who is most active between the hours of 5pm - 11pm "EASTERN TIME ZONE"... we are NOT looking to recruit UK gamers * Must be willing to play...
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