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  1. O

    Solved  Upgrade & Transfer from 250GB to 500GB HDD

    Hi! After RGH'ing my Xbox 360 slim and filling the original 250GB HDD to the rim with games and DLC's I managed to get my hand on a 500GB HDD (from a 360 Slim E). The question then is how do I transfer/clone all the files from the 250GB to the 500GB one? I've read about using the official 360...
  2. Shagger

    Discussion  Deals on SSD's. 'Tis the season...

    I'm looking to get a 2.5 SSD for my laptop. This thing only came with 512GB NVMe SSD, so I knew I'd need something for the empty 2.5 SATA bay pretty quick. Bearing in mind I'm from the UK, I'm trying to find a good deal on a 2TB or possibly more if the price is right. Something similar to this...
  3. lotec25

    Question  Copying files to new HD

    Hello, I picked up a new to me Trinity RGH modded 360. I have followed the few post on here, and a link on youtube. But some of the data Is not getting copied to the new HD. Is there a certain way this has to be done? I have the old HD in the 360 slim. and the new one connected via a usb...
  4. S

    Question  alienware alpha/gaming (need advice)

    Looking to be able to play most games with maxed graphics and still keep 60fps without overclocking and having to worry about burning it up. I would like to know if I should upgrade to an i5 or i7, upgrade ram, get external graphics amplifier (other options?) as well as if i should or shouldn't...
  5. peanutismint

    Solved  Copy game backups from old hard drive to new one??

    I had a 120GB HDD in my modded Xbox 360 but quickly ran out of space, so I followed a guide to replace it with a 500GB drive and have got xexmenu/Aurora running again. Now i just need to restore all the games from my old hard disk to the new one, which I thought would be as easy as connecting...
  6. TonnageGamer

    Solved  How much is my xbox 360 cost

    Well i got a xbox 360 this year and i wanna sell it i bought it on trademe.nz second hand with 2 games for like around 150$ nzd kinda not cheap but i think its a good deal..now i purchased some games and an additional controller because the other controller fuq up then it was 16games yea i...
  7. Shaboi

    1. Windows
    Help upgrading Win 7 to Win 10

    Im on Windows 7, trying to get Windows 10 for Xbox live reasons, Ive downloaded the Windows creation tool and it starts up fine. And when it gets done with that it trys to "clean up" and stops working Then I tryed resetting computer to try again and same results, any ideas? I'll try em all...
  8. XsevenXplaguesX

    Question  PS3 Black Screen

    My friend ordered a Jailbroken PS3 Slim. I was helping him set it up through teamviewer and filezilla on his computer, he got a black screen trying to load rebug, and then again when trying to load multi-man. I could access and change settings in webman through the web browser. Then we...
  9. Emo Pride x

    Solved  Help with new build

    Budget & Currency: $1000 Uses: Gaming and watching anime lol Time Frame:coming into some money between now and end of December, don't know when. Part Preferences: best performance can get with budget, ill put my fanboy side away for performance lol. Color code: don't mind mix and match or...
  10. Emo Pride x

    Solved  What is my Bottleneck ?

    here is my build i have $500 to upgrade it and would like to know what my bottle neck is so i can get the best upgrades for the best performance boost. any suggested upgrade builds can be liked using pcpart picker and ill check them out
  11. DatEnglishRose

    Discussion  Upgrading to PS4

    Between now and fallout 4's release, imma be upgrading from ps3 to PS4. I've had my eye on the white 500gb for awhile now until I then saw the limited editions in person and now I can't decide. (I'm not a fan of the standard black consoles) And so imma leave my decision to you guys.
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