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  1. V


    Hey guys! Im hosting FREE MW3 Unlock All Lobbies! Also Modded Lobbies / Unlock All for BO2/MW2/Ghosts
  2. S

    Question  Unable to unlock XBLA titles on RGH, despite XM360 and Content Manager saying they are unlocked

    Hi, I searched the forums and found people with similar problems, but none of the solutions worked for them. I'm unable to unlock my legitimately-purchased XBLA titles on my RGH Corona. I had a modder do the work for me, and I'm not entirely clear on all of the work that they did. I'm...
  3. F

    Question  Cannot get Minecraft unlocked on jtag

    I cannot get Minecraft unlocked even after going to xm360 and I’ve also tried enabling cont patch in dash launch and I have some things disabled that as well and I’ve tried Yaris swap and that didn’t work and I’ve installed tu80 but the game is still in trial mode any suggestions to fix this...
  4. Jaykae

    Solved  How to unlock; The Taken King?

    After some trouble, I finally got to level 25 with the help of The Taken King DLC, however; I can't play The Taken King. it just shows a cinematic video and all I can do is skip it. I'm level 25 after using the boost. I also have all the DLC's installed from The Taken KIng... Am I doing...
  5. IThinkBakedZiti

    MW3 Modded Lobby - Unlock All/Choose Prestige

    Hosting a modded lobby in MW3 for Xbox 360/One Message me on Xbox for an invite Left D-Pad to open menu Select "Force Save Stats" for Account Menu selections to stick, It will kick you after selecting it Have fun:smile: GT: ComicWind255924 Proof:
  6. Jaykae

    Solved  Can I unlock achievements/trophies by playing the same heist/mission?

    Can I unlock achievements/trophies by playing the same heist/mission? I'm looking to achievement/trophy hunt and get as many as I can. I see you get some for earning "gold/platinum" 30 times. does this have to be for different missions/heists or can it be the same over and over again? Thanks 7s.
  7. M

    *CLOSED* MW3 Unlock All/Any Prestige/Max Tokens/AUG Class (All Client Menu)

    FREE LOBBY STATUS: CLOSED Hosting again 3/13/19 12AM EST LEFT DPAD = OPEN/CLOSE MENU (X) to Select (B) to go Back Must Select "Force Save Stats" for Account Menu selections to stick! NOTE: Force Stats kicks you from the game POST GT FOR INVITE
  8. XBLElite

    MW2 Challenge Lobby & Unlock All

    MW2 Challenge Lobby, Unlock All, Prestige 10 Status: CLOSED How to join Post Legit and your gamertag Leave a good rate Send a chat invite (preferred) or msg to my gamertag. View my profile and join session if available Gamertag ElitesXBL Rules No yelling or telling me when to start it. No...
  9. O


    MOD MENUS + PRESTIGE LOBBIES + UNLOCK ALL !!! ***** MAKE SURE TO CHECK STEAM BEFORE YOU ADD***** ***ALWAYS AVAILABLE*** **** WILL ADD ASAP**** Steam: add OhShitSorry ( mw2 profile pic) or /profiles/76561198433846590 or /OhShitSorry
  10. S

    [open]Mw2 unlock all and prestige Lobby [Free]

    please leave me a feedback and enjoy the lobby ;) psn : SubZeroMod
  11. Maysuhnnn


    Menu - Destruction v1 Gamertag - Mason v69 Donate - paypal.me/masons7 HOW TO UNFREEZE CLASSES- 1. Post your GT below and prestigeyou want (9,10,11) 2. Join 3. DONT SPAWN 4. ill derank you 5.leave the game 6. join back 7. open the menu POST LEGIT
  12. P

    All i need is the syndicate gun!

    I have the mammoth gun 300 KO DB SG and FMG9 I'm working on the ARM but I still need Syndicate Gun If Anyone can Help Me Out I would be grateful!
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