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    Unsolved Aurora Unity Title Updates Showing for Only A Few Games / Not Fetching

    When going into game details and going to the Unity Marketplace to fetch a title update, nothing loads. Hitting refresh does nothing, I have a valid IP Address (LiveBlock & LiveStrong are both Enabled) and internet connection. I can download Game Covers & Art Work for all games without trouble...
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    Is there a way to mod pc unity games built in IL2CPP?

    Title explains all. I apologise if this was posted in the wrong place
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    Discussion XLINK/Xbox Unity Network Friends

    I was wondering if people play games on Xlink/xboxunity. I play mostly everyday, switching around games. I would like to build a friends list on Xlink and xbox unity. So we are able to talk with microphones. Play private games and public. If anyone else is in the same situation, reply back on...
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    whay is all BEST game make with unity engine?

    i want to know what is all BEST game make with unity engine?
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    Unity Engine to Unreal Engine

    so I've been making a game on unity for about 7 months and was wondering is there a easy way to transfer all of my stuff from unity to unreal ?
  6. Refuge: Only One Can Survive

    Refuge: Only One Can Survive

    Introducing Refuge, a two-player survival game that brings a twisted take on classic hide and seek gameplay. The developers made the game with one simple goal in mind: kill the other player in whatever way you can. There will be many different ways to hunt down and brutally murder your opponent...
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