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  1. K

    Question  Rgh still says I’m console banned but my kv is new! Help!

    Hello, I recently started using my rgh again after a few years. Everything worked great for about 1 week until I was console banned. I am using ******** server and I have used a kv checker on the new kv I’m trying to use. When I copy the cpukey and kv.bin files to the hard drive I also cleared...
  2. shiftteam


    I believe this method should be free knowledge. I've shared this with people indiscriminately and 80% of them succeeded and got their account/s back. I CLAIM NO CREDIT TO THIS. I am sure many have done this in the past or came up with the idea to exploit this. I got this link by submitting a...
  3. Ro0ti

    Tools  LetsNuke Bans v1.3 | Anticheats | HWID/Serial Number Changer w/ Memory Cleaning [BIOS]

    Seeing as bits and pieces of my code was leaked around, here is the full tool. This one is compiled to be easy to use. [COMPLETELY UNDETECTED] [RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR] Decided to work on some different projects so here is a gift. We come equipped to work under different environments, We...
  4. P

    How to get unbanned from Halo Reach online?

    I was banned in 2013 from halo reach online for using a mod to mess with my service tag and change my armor. I'm logging back in now and I get the same message I did before: "This account has been banned permanently from Halo: Reach online." It would also say that my console was banned. But now...
  5. C

    Question  Black ops 1 unbanning?

    Just wondering if anyone knows a way to unban yourself or someone that can unban my profile from black ops 1 servers?
  6. GStarRawson

    Solved  KV Replacement Problem

    I know this is a really noobie problem, which makes sense becauase thats what I am.... but I've tried the method of changing KVs by flashing multiple times with no success, everything works fine until i try to flash the new updflash.bin file to the Xbox, then the Xbox just doesn't boot, i am...
  7. lethalshark

    Solved  Unban Services? GTA V Online

    Can someone tell me if there are still unban services for GTA? and if so link me anything that is currently working GTA V Online. Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
  8. SeekNdstroy172

    Solved  Xbox account banned.

    Hey! Im just wondering if there is a way to get a banned xbox account back, i was banned a few weeks back for marketplace fraud, I really miss that account because 90% of my games were bought on that account the gamertag is hydratedplanet. I have tried to file for a case review but i got a...
  9. HackersFriend

    Solved  [Permanently Banned] Able to get online again?

    Hi, i am banned from gta V. But I have a question: Can you play gta v online via a modded server or dedicated server or just with mods?
  10. L

    Solved  Help! Need assistance with KV & my RGH

    Okay guys so I bought a legit KV from a vendor. I did everything correct along the lines of capitals and putting it on my HDD. WHen I log on it gives me a pop up saying xbox system update required. I can't go on w/o this update & when I it yes after it finishes it gives me an error code...
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