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    Discussion  Does anybody else do sbc accounts?

    Hi all, I have been creating sbcs account now for over a year with success and with failure. However I believe I have no found a way to do it successfully and without being banned. I’m curious to know if anybody else is doing it on a daily basis? I record all of the account I have made and how...
  2. Battle Passes In FIFA Ultimate Team? Not Exactly.

    Battle Passes In FIFA Ultimate Team? Not Exactly.

    I groaned when I saw FIFA 20 had launched a new mode with yet another in-game currency, the third that can be spent in the game. So-called “Volta Coins” are for use in FIFA 20’s futsal/street soccer career only, and they only buy cosmetics, thank God. But on closer inspection, they pick up...
  3. Skepta

    FIFA 18 Ones to watch

    Well they're back, here are the confirmed so far.
  4. FIFA 18 Gameplay And New Ultimate Team Details Revealed

    FIFA 18 Gameplay And New Ultimate Team Details Revealed

    EA has revealed a bunch of new FIFA 18 details, as well as offered the first proper look at its gameplay. The company held a Twitch stream event yesterday in which it showcased a new trailer, new Ultimate Team features, and a full 2v2 match. In addition, the Switch version of Ultimate Team was...
  5. Adolfin

    All  Fifa 18 Ultimate Team Reveal Stream

    At 6PM BST today, EA Sports will be hosting their annual FUT reveal stream over on Twitch and YouTube. The stream will allow players to see FUT gameplay as well as how to menus and still will look ahead of the launch later this year. https://www.youtube.com/user/EAsportsfootball
  6. FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Legends Coming To PS4 And PC

    FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Legends Coming To PS4 And PC

    FIFA Ultimate Team Legends have been renamed for FIFA 18, and they're no longer exclusive to Xbox. They're now called Icons, and in FIFA 18 you can get them on PlayStation 4 and PC as well as on Xbox One. Icons are ultra-rare Ultimate Team cards based on legendary footballers from years gone by...
  7. U

    All  Vote this GOAL on Fifa 16

    Hello guys , that vote would give this away goal from Marco Sau ? a score of 1 to 10 .... and if you want to write me to play on FUT , " ps4 " ... I have a team silver that I love to use against your champions. if you like subscribe to the channel .
  8. C

    Has anyone found a way to bypass the Account limit?

    As you guys might know there is a limit of 10 Accounts that you can make a new Ultimate Team on. I was wondering if anybody has found a way to bypass this yet as it is very useful for using the free FUT Draft Token. Thanks, Chris
  9. D

    Buying Ban

    Hello Guys, today my first Account was temporary banned for buying Players. I even tried to bid on a Player in WebApp but it doesn´t work. My Ab has worked fine for more than a week, rpm under 15 and i don´t search so often ( about 500 - 600 times per day ) today was the only day i´ve searched...
  10. H


    Hey guys, I'm a new youtuber who posts daily FIFA16 content from both Career Mode and Ultimate Team. You can see my career mode videos here: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/fifa-16-crystal-palace-career-mode.1389303/ If you have any advice for me then feel free to let me know! I will...
  11. Gardzz

    All  Fifa 16 | Price Ranges | Updated Weekly.

    Here on this thread you will be able to find out the latest updates on price ranges for every single player on the FUT Market. This feature will also include a search bar which will make your Fifa FUT searching a lot easier, and also faster if the player you are looking for is not the highest of...
  12. FrankSinatra

    All  FIFA 16 - Team of The Week!

    TOTW predictions, rumors, & discussion.
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