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  1. PS4 Pro And PS Plus Get Temporary Price Cut In UK For Black Friday

    PS4 Pro And PS Plus Get Temporary Price Cut In UK For Black Friday

    Ahead of Black Friday this week, Sony has cut the RRP of its PS4 Pro bundles and PlayStation Plus subscriptions in the UK. The PS4 Pro is now available in a number of bundles for £300, while a year's worth of PS Plus now costs £37.50, just below what 12 months used to cost before this year's PS...
  2. E

    IW  UGA Clan needs you! Come join the best!

    Ultimate Gaming Alliance Website UGA (Ultimate Gaming Alliance) is now looking for new members from UK and Europe to come and join our gaming community. We are looking for English speaking members who are 16 years & older. Who are we? UGA are a group of friends who came together to start a...
  3. R

    Grind Squad

    I'm looking for some people on XB1 BO3 to grind sniping with me. I'm from UK so from the UK preferably.
  4. PlayStation Plus Prices to Increase in Europe

    PlayStation Plus Prices to Increase in Europe

    Sony has confirmed an increase in the price of their PlayStation Plus subscriptions in mainland Europe and the UK starting September 1st. The change will affect the one month and three month membership option only, the full year subscription price tag will remain the same. A statement from...
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