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    Discovery  Is there still people playing BO3? I just found something really cool.. (Bowie Knife Multiplayer PS4)

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was still some people playing Black Ops 3 because I just found a new method to get the Bowie Knife in Multiplayer on PS4 and I'm thinking about releasing it, lmk :)
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    Unsolved  UI Stack Bo4?

    Anyone know how to do the UI Stack glitch on Xbox? If so please let me know how.
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    Discovery  WW2 Collections UI Stack!!

    So what you need for this method -A friend -Communication Step 1 Go to Staging area has to be there you CANNOT DO THIS IN HQ Step 2 Press RT to open your supply drops thingy Step 3 Go to collections then across to any collections Step 4 Press A on any Gun outfit etc I recommend to choose the...
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    Discovery  WW2 Headquarters zombie menu stack!

    So i was messing around with some stacks and have seen a thread wit the scorestreak training UI Stack and that goes away after 10 seconds but i decided to try that method with the zombie one and it stays there forever until you press A on it or B you can also sort of overstack the message lets...
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    Discovery  Ui Stack

    So i found a new stack.... its a character stack thru copying divisions.... not sure if its just a visual glitch or a new lead in rank duplication im working on... Pm me for details... Right click on image link https://ibb.co/ed1qLG https://ibb.co/nACKEb https://ibb.co/bGygSw...
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    Discovery  Is UI Stacking a Possiblity?

    XBOX ONE Only! Holy crap thanks you guys for 72 replys and 4,569 click / views, never thought this post was gonna get that many! Hello guys please post if it is or not? and if you found a way to UI Stack feel free to post it freely in the comments or keep it to yourself cause I can...
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