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    Question  Need help with getting other episodes of TWD season 2

    So basically a few days ago I downloaded twd season 2 and started to play, around an hour in it ended and I realised I was playing the demo version on my rgh so since then I have looked everywhere for a way to get these episodes but I have no clue what I’m doing. When I go onto the episodes it...
  2. The Walking Dead: Our World Release Date Revealed

    The Walking Dead: Our World Release Date Revealed

    The Walking Dead: Our World was announced about a year ago, and now the mobile AR game has a release date. The game will release on July 12 on both iOS and Android, and will offer a Pokemon Go-style experience where you roam the neighborhood to play--except, of course, you'll be fighting zombies...
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    Discussion  TWD: No Mans Land APK Mod (REQ)

    I've been looking for the walking dead: no mans land hacks for bluestacks. I've found a few but there's a freezing problem in the game and it causes survivors to die, if there's anyone that would look into it and see if they can reduce the freezing at all or create a new mod entirely. I would...
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