1. C

    Tutorial  [WW2 PC] How to type colors in game chat

    All you need to do is type the carat (SHIFT + 6) and type a number. The following numbers correspond to the colors below: ^1 - RED ^2 - GREEN ^3 - YELLOW ^4 - BLUE ^5 - CYAN ^6 - PINK ^7 - WHITE ^8 - DEFAULT MAP COLOR ^9 - GREY OR DEFAULT MAP COLOR ^0 - BLACK ^; - YALE BLUE ^: - LIGHT YELLOW...
  2. James reborn

    Tutorial  My Methods For Weapons ( Backwards Shooting... )

    Okay, I never wanted to release this... But??, Ever since I stopped Modding Borderlands 2 after I completed my Hybrid Creator I felt like Borderlands 2 Modding has wheeled down a bit so I thought I would Release everything I discovered over the months of Modding Borderlands 2. If I feel to edit...
  3. DiipzayXEX

    Unsolved  *FIX* Status Code: 80004005-00000000-00000000

    If you ever get an error saying: when trying to open Recent Games, My Games, My Apps etc. try my method of fixing the problem. Tutorial Downloads Avatar Update (Xbox Support source) Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.4b (Developer's source) Requirements - Xbox Avatar Update - Simple 360 NAND Flasher...
  4. Golly

    Patched  [Patched]How To Consistently Jump Out A Window UPDATED 9/4/17

    Okay, so below you'll see two spoilers one is a video tutorial and the other is a text tutorial. Pick your poison so you can jump through windows like a BOSS. I am gonna try to keep this thread updated if any more updates come out I will try to keep this thread updated. This tutorial will...
  5. jamesgarretttt

    Unsolved  Modded GSC Game Mode HELP!!!

    so, as the title says i need a little guidance when it comes to these. so im familiar with the all popular gsc studio way. well im not a fan of injecting every time. for a couple game modes ive figured out how to path it correctly so that i can just install it on there for good just as you...
  6. Cobalt Blaze

    Sun/Moon  [Tutorial] How to Inject Wonder Cards

    With Red's sharing of the Ash Pikachu Wonder Card a while ago., I thought some people may not know how to inject *.wc7 files. Well, I decided to write up a little tutorial on the matter. I'm using Sun with the said Wonder Card. • Things you'll need: - A Nintendo 3DS with CFW or Homebrew...
  7. Cod_king757

    Working  Shangri-La new out of map + lunge tutorial

    Knife tutorial in video as well! 1. Make your way to the entrance to the right of speed cola 2. Make a crawler and line him and a walker up with the crawler closest to you, once the walker reaches the crawlers feet simply sprint forward and knife the walker to lunge you onto a high ledge spot...
  8. Ms Skizzy

    Working  How to play online on a suspended account (Glitch)

    How to play online on a suspended account (Glitch) "This current profile is not allowed to play on Xbox Live." Bypass glitch 1. Load black Ops 3 on a new UNBANNED account. 2. Add a friend that has recently played Black Ops 3 3. Go into Theater 4. Go onto your friends profile and load a recent...
  9. Danixer

    Tutorial  (FREE) Playstation Plus (TRICK)

    Create an account, and go through all steps, then go account managment, and get two days, and then keep going 14 times, then restore ps4 to default settings, and then keep going.
  10. S

    is there still a way to get 8 man tranzit lobby?

    i wanted to know if their were still a way to create a bo2 8 man tranzit lobby without mods. msg me on xbox one: sopah dopah fly or just comment. much appreciated!
  11. vingrr

    Discussion  De_Train MUST KNOW Pop Flashes

  12. Z

    GSC FreezeTag Minigame

    Hi everyone. I'm in the process of making a minigame menu, but until then I figured I would release my games as I get them done for people to have fun with. This one is simple, yet very fun. Features Aim + knife to start game mode Seeker randomly selected freeze players + unfreeze players with...

    Video  GTA V :: Complications Gold Medal Guide

    This is a video of me showing you guys how to get the Complications Mission Completed, with a Gold Medal, and Tips & Tricks how to get it complete.
  14. Hybrid_Mods

    Tutorial  Very helpful JTAG Tutorials (2 Tuts In 1 post)

    Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you some things i learned about for JTAGs/RGHs that can be EXTREMELY HELPFUL to anyone new to JTAGs or RGHs. Heck, it might even help some of the experienced modders. Tutorials I will be telling you how to do today: - Freestyle Dash on the PC - Easy Xell...
  15. oCait

    Patched  XP Glitch

    So as some of you know, Bo1 has an XP Glitch and I wanted to clarify it simply. So you absolutley need to listen up. Step 1 - Start up your bo1 and when you go to player match go to theater. You see films with the map "Grind". About a 6 minute long clip that has a title involving XP. Watch the...
  16. Professional

    Tutorial  How to RTE on Halo Reach.

    This thread is pretty much a thread that is reviving an old tutorial made by XoX First of all, the things you are going to need when you RTE this game are: A modified 360 console or devkit (RGH/JTAG/R-JTAG/XDK) XBDM.xex (download, this contains multiple useful extra plugins. scan) Neighborhood...
  17. madrussianT34

    Unsolved  How do I install and use the yoda v4 tool?

    Hello Se7enSins community, I recently downloaded the yoda v4 tool (from a safe, virus scanned source) to force host while playing Modern Warfare 3. While I am relatively computer savvy and a decent programmer, I have never utilized a tool of this sort to interact with online console gaming. My...
  18. OxenGaming


    Today guys ill show you how to skip straight to round 15 on Shadows of Evil :)
  19. S

    Solved  How to install a GSC or GSCR

    Hello everyone, this is my first major tutorial. I have never actually made a tutorial before, but there is a first for everything. So here it goes :tongue: Getting Setup: OK, so first things first... Requirements: Windows PC GSC Studio- Download Virus Scan Mod Menu (Either GSC or GSCR)...
  20. toofaces2

    C/C++  [Tutorial] Learning & Creating Calculator

    I show you today how to create a Calculator Ok in this chapter we want to write a small calculator for the command line. This is further improved in later chapters, but for now only learns only the four basic arithmetic operations. An object consists of two numbers that are separated by an...
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