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    Unsolved Using Your XDK: PIX (Performance Investigator) Tutorial

    XBOX 360 XDK TUTORIALS - PIX Getting an XDK can be a really exciting thing if you haven't already explored, or played around with one before! I decided to write this tutorial as a lot of the tuts I see around aren't very beginner friendly, and the community seems agitated to help new owners. If...
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    Tutorial Easy Gold Camo Blackops 1 Pc

    Today I will show you how to easily get gold guns for Pack-a-Punch Black Ops 1 Zombies all maps Make sure you back up original file if you want normal Pack-a-Punch guns back Simply drag-and-drop iwad01 in your Zone folder on and that's all I do not play online so I do not know if you will...
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    Tutorial [XBOX] Play Xbox Only On Warzone!

    This way was founded, not by me, by someone else who I do not know of, it was simply passed on to me but been as no one knows about it and it’s not on here I thought I’d share. 1. XBOX Settings 2. Privacy & Online Safety 3. XBOX Live Privacy 4. View details and customize 5. Communications and...
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    Tutorial [Tutorial/Resource] How to add 27 Maps in a Mappack

    This tutorial is still in early stages, it's currently more of a general outline and not an fully in depth step-by-step, however you should be able to get it working. If you have specific questions or problems I will try to help as best I can Not exactly news that the NHE team modified the xbe...
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    Unsolved Modern Warfare Private Game / Bot Lobby | How it works ?

    Hello Guys I want to ask you all how you can make / host a Bot Lobby in Private Game I am looking for a Bot Lobby Glitch (Private Game) Can someone explain the Glitch on DM / PM I dont make this Glitch Puplic It is only for me the Glitch
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    Tutorial Xbox one /s/x offline console kind of hack

    This post has been removed due to it breaking terms of service. I was not aware of this until it was brought to my attention by another user. I will not be posting again about this matter. Thread closed Thanks
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    Discussion MW x2 XP Tokens COD League Method

    So has anyone used this to gain a TUN x2 Tokens? I've used a number of disposable emails they haven't seemed to work but using this Method via a real Gmail address it seems to work. but I don't seem be seeing them in-game after redemption. [Needs Testing If it can be abused] as for the method...
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    Solved Videos Showing As Images Or Not Showing At All In Threads

    Problem: Occasionally videos within threads and comments displaying as an image or not displaying at all. Reason: Flash player is a legacy standard of displaying some videos amongst other things. After an update in Google Chrome and with the other browsers following suit, Flash player is now...
  9. Pokemon Sword & Shield: You Can Skip The Pokemon Catching Tutorial

    Pokemon Sword & Shield: You Can Skip The Pokemon Catching Tutorial

    At the beginning of every Pokemon game, you can expect two things: a man who loves the power of science and technology, and a person who teaches you the basics of catching Pokemon. The science guy is definitely present in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but the Pokemon-catching tutorial is, for the...
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    Tutorial 007 Quantom of Solace Modding [Research/Info]

    First off, I have no idea where to put this so i'm putting it here for now, since there's no dedicated section for this. I also want to mention that this research was done by me and ISOCheated . It is incomplete as is, but it should be a stepping stone for anybody interested in modding this game...
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    Unsolved I need help install Rgh

    Hi i bought x360run i connect all good but i dont know where to know where to connect the last cable
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    Unsolved Halo 2 Modding

    I want to change the weapon damage, add recoil - similar to Half Life 2's pistol, and control the rate of fire for the covenant and allies? What applications do I need to use to enable modding? How do I install them? How do I change the default properties? If you are going to point me towards...
  13. M

    Solved How to mod xbox 360 Falcon in 2019? [noob]

    Hi everybody, I recently bought in discount a phat Xbox 360 and I have identified it as a falcon by following the visual inspection guide. I have never owned an xbox in the past but i have softmodded other consoles such as ps3. I really want to mod my xbox 360 and i have learned by reading...
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    Tutorial How to install Android 8.1(LineageOS) to your Nintendo Switch

    Before following this guide. Please note that you will need to have some prior experience with both Switch Hacking, and Android in order to install this properly. As this guide will assume you already know how to enter RCM mode and push payloads, and do basic recovery mode tasks Requirements...
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    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] Swerve's How-To: Creating a Space Themed Text Effect!

    WELCOME! In this tutorial I'll be teaching you how to create a space/supernatural themed text effect on Adobe Photoshop. I'm currently using Photoshop CS6, but this is applicable to all versions of Photoshop. Note: Each attempt you do will come out differently based on the settings you select...
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    Tutorial Making an Attractive Character (Less is More)

    [Select your Heritage, Skin Tone, Age, Build, Eye Color, and Eyebrows.] [Set everything to Neutral, then select the shortest Hair Style. ] [Turn every Lifestyle slider down completely.] [Then set everything to None] [Turn Tiredness slider down completely.] [Turn every Makeup...
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    Unsolved Rgh 17526, How to?

    I am going to RGH 1.2 my jasper 16mb and when I’m in J Runner and select RGH2 it gives me glitch2m and cr4 underneath. Do I select any of these? And also I didn’t see the newest dash version I see 17511, Do I select that? Is there any other version of J-Runner I could use where it has all the...
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    Video Installing the Liberty City Map in GTA V!

    Hey all! We've just uploaded a video with how to install Liberty City Rewind on our channel! This isn't for self promotion but to show you guys how to get an entire map in GTA! Moderators if you wanna remove this post feel free to however less people may find out about this cool mod! Here is...
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