1. MinnnesotaNnja

    Tutorial  Conan Exiles Guide: How to Make STEEL Bars - Conan Gameplay Tutorial

    TWITCH - Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/MinnesotaNnja Twitter - https://twitter.com/SirNnja My Discord - https://discord.gg/URbXd3pg In this Conan Exiles gameplay i show you how to make Steel Bars. This Steel bars guide is easy to do as long as you have the right crafting stations...
  2. G

    Tutorial  15.000 RUNES EVERY 16'00 MINUTES | SOLO FARMING

    Hello i'm posting here for who need help in ELDEN RING for farming 15 k runes/souls as a solo player quickly repeatable methode, hace a nice day all. the vidéo : if you do not have the youtube permission ask an adult to watch the video before you watch the video with the adult peace.
  3. Se7enSins Custom Mod Pack | DOOM 2016 | Over 10+ Mods!

    Se7enSins Custom Mod Pack | DOOM 2016 | Over 10+ Mods!

    This mod pack includes graphical improvements (explosion/particle effects mod 'DoomFX') as well as overhauls for glory kills (including brand new animations), Pistol Overhaul with 5 round burst and powerful semi auto mode, full auto shotgun, extended FOV. All mods that before couldn't work @ once!
  4. Watch_Dogs 2 | Cyberdriver Cop Chase | EASY QUICKEST WAY TO COMPLETE

    Watch_Dogs 2 | Cyberdriver Cop Chase | EASY QUICKEST WAY TO COMPLETE

    Hey everyone, as many of you may know the fabled Halloween sales are upon us and if any of you decide to pick up this awesome game (which is like 70 percent off right now) you might run into trouble during this chase in the campaign. Here's a quick walkthrough to show you how to escape rather quick
  5. Framing Frame | Solo Stealth/Loud Extraction Walkthrough | Payday 2

    Framing Frame | Solo Stealth/Loud Extraction Walkthrough | Payday 2

    Hey everyone! Here's some gameplay showcasing quite a few mods I'm running on Payday 2, mostly informational mods and retextures, but i do have custom weapons and legendary armor skins as well as an attachment mod pack. But here's how to do the Art Gallery heist solo! Very quick 99 percent of time
  6. O

    Gamesaves  olletnaS's Modded Bloodborne save v1.1 (Read Description)

    First update to my modded characters on Bloodborne. Features such as Blood Gem slots and game difficulty editing have been added along with a larger variety of Modded Gems, Caryll Runes, Weapons, and Armor. This will work Online This can work on all regions, not only US. This will have more...
  7. Dying Light | Protect Omar the Fisherman Quest Walkthrough | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Dying Light | Protect Omar the Fisherman Quest Walkthrough | DRIP STAR LIVE

    hello everyone, i figured i'd post a walkthrough of this quest on Hard difficulty because this guy is notorious for running off during combat and getting himself killed very quickly while the game offers no type of icon or waypoint to give you his position, you just have to keep an eye on him.
  8. Dying Light | Side Missions "The Prodigal Son" and "Lighter Gas" Walkthrough

    Dying Light | Side Missions "The Prodigal Son" and "Lighter Gas" Walkthrough

    Here's the next video in the series I'm doing showing how to complete all the Side Quests and Challenges for Dying Light in anticipation for the release of Dying Light 2: Stay Human!
  9. Sup iM Jeremy

    Tutorial  How to softmod the original Xbox in 2021 (Rocky5)

    Hey everyone, I just put out a video recently on getting this console softmodded. I know this has been covered 1000s of times but I think its good to have a refresher at least once a year Links for everything you will need below: Original Xbox: https://www.ebay.com/b/Microsoft-Xbox...
  10. Modern Warfare double XP - Hardcore Public

    Modern Warfare double XP - Hardcore Public

    lets play some public matches, let me know how you like having the webcam in the video!
  11. Austin

    Tutorial  Halo MCC Modding Beginners All In One

    The MCC modding thread is so empty with the exception of ProSniperMods I wanted to make a big tutorial for anyone new or coming back to modding Halo games. First off let me state the obvious this is for PC only. Note: All external site downloads are reuploaded by me so you don't have to sign up...
  12. N

    Help me please? Just a question.

    I been doing 3v3 HC face off with 6 different users, but I have 2 consoles with 2 copies of Cold War and I’ve heard that it is quicker using 2 consoles, I’m just curious how it would work with 2 and what the method is.
  13. GandaulkMcNugget

    Tutorial  Using Your XDK: PIX (Performance Investigator) Tutorial

    XBOX 360 XDK TUTORIALS - PIX Getting an XDK can be a really exciting thing if you haven't already explored, or played around with one before! I decided to write this tutorial as a lot of the tuts I see around aren't very beginner friendly, and the community seems agitated to help new owners. If...
  14. O

    Tutorial  Patched [How to Mod Modern Warfare 2019(Online RTE Tool)] Will Result in a Ban

    We've been informed that following this Modern Warfare modding guide will result in a ban. We've archived the guide for educational purposes. You can find more guides on Modding Modern Warfare <---here. Proceed at your own risk. Once installed open up "Modern Warfare" and "HxD 64 Bit" To...
  15. ps1kingkush

    Tutorial  Easy Gold Camo Blackops 1 Pc

    Today I will show you how to easily get gold guns for Pack-a-Punch Black Ops 1 Zombies all maps Make sure you back up original file if you want normal Pack-a-Punch guns back Simply drag-and-drop iwad01 in your Zone folder on and that's all I do not play online so I do not know if you will...
  16. Touretteasaurus

    Tutorial  [XBOX] Play Xbox Only On Warzone!

    This way was founded, not by me, by someone else who I do not know of, it was simply passed on to me but been as no one knows about it and it’s not on here I thought I’d share. 1. XBOX Settings 2. Privacy & Online Safety 3. XBOX Live Privacy 4. View details and customize 5. Communications and...
  17. s3anyboy

    Tutorial  [Tutorial/Resource] How to add 27 Maps in a Mappack

    This tutorial is still in early stages, it's currently more of a general outline and not an fully in depth step-by-step, however you should be able to get it working. If you have specific questions or problems I will try to help as best I can Not exactly news that the NHE team modified the xbe...
  18. LordSaphir

    Unsolved  Modern Warfare Private Game / Bot Lobby | How it works ?

    Hello Guys I want to ask you all how you can make / host a Bot Lobby in Private Game I am looking for a Bot Lobby Glitch (Private Game) Can someone explain the Glitch on DM / PM I dont make this Glitch Puplic It is only for me the Glitch
  19. Xenothecat

    Tutorial  Xbox one /s/x offline console kind of hack

    This post has been removed due to it breaking terms of service. I was not aware of this until it was brought to my attention by another user. I will not be posting again about this matter. Thread closed Thanks
  20. XxUnkn0wnxX

    Discussion  MW x2 XP Tokens COD League Method

    So has anyone used this to gain a TUN x2 Tokens? I've used a number of disposable emails they haven't seemed to work but using this Method via a real Gmail address it seems to work. but I don't seem be seeing them in-game after redemption. [Needs Testing If it can be abused] as for the method...
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