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  1. HYX

    C/C++  The most valuable .exe for 7S

    Today I bring to you the best .exe for Se7enSins Download VirusTotal Reasons why it is the best: It took me 5 minutes to make. You can support 7S just by clicking an image! I really want the programmer award and there is nothing more useful than this. Clint Eastwood would even approve of...
  2. M

    Gamesaves  [EU] PS4 - GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 ( PLATNIUM - SEMI SAVE SET) [CUSA03550]

    This is an old upload I have elsewhere for GTA III - This save is not fully completed it's been played up until you unlock SSV (Shoreside Vale). FBI/Securicar in Staunton Safehouse Garage. For Story related trophies you will need to playthrough the game yourself. Use Save Wizard to resign the...
  3. ______

    Discussion  Save the world platinum trophie

    Has anyone got the platinum trophy for save the world here??? Or is anyone grinding for it? Some of the hardest trophy’s are- build 500,000 structures, 1000 play with others and rescue 10,000 survivors, Imo the play with others is going to be a challenge
  4. MNC

    Solved  After Hours warehouse safe trophies not showing up

    Guys, I don't know if this happened to anyone here, or if I'm doing something wrong... but let me explain I got my warehouse filled up in the nightclub, and start selling stuff to earn the trophies for "full sale" (Small thophies that go inside the nightclub safe). I did first the cocaine sell...
  5. kingsandqueens

    Discussion  Is there a place to upload PS4 Saves?

    I have at least a Terabytes worth of saves on my External Hard Drive & would like to share them. (The ones from NGU tagged to be NGU use only aren't going to be shared but linked to there site instead.) view.php Thats only way I could find to upload the image for some reason TinyPic wanted...
  6. Casp

    Tutorial  Modern Warfare Remastered Achievement/Trophy Guide

    This might be a little redundant for people who are playing through the campaign for the second time since the original, but this is mainly catered towards people who are going through the game for the first time or who are struggling with getting through it again. Plus, there are a few new...
  7. PS4 Trophies Revealed for Final Fantasy VII

    PS4 Trophies Revealed for Final Fantasy VII

    Final Fantasy is a titan in the gaming industry, even outside of the RPG genre. It is one of the highest grossing video game franchises of all-time and many other RPGs have been inspired by the games since the first Final Fantasy was released in 1987. Although developer and publisher Square Enix...
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