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  1. I still got it (Noob Tube helicopter kill)

    I still got it (Noob Tube helicopter kill)

    no helicopter is safe from the noob toob champion of the universe! For everyone who couldn't really see what was going on: I plopped a grenade through the tree branches and blew up a helicopter, lol
  2. Professional

    Video  Halo appeals to the male fantasy

  3. Ryan Where

    PC Xbox One  Calling All Ark Trolls

    Test your server crashing might! Think youre the best? Are you considered a "DESTROYER OF WORLDS"? search "Dread" under unofficial pc sessions. It is a 6 map pve cluster. Goodluck!
  4. TheRealSK7


    Bro I’m dying trolling these people i can’t even!! You guys have to watch!!
  5. xGreatMods

    Discussion  Looking for a Recorder for my Modded Lobbies!

    Hey guys :wink: I'm looking for a recorder for BO2 (elgato)
  6. iShotMyGun

    Xbox 360  Advanced Warfare Trolling Randoms and Threat messages

    Advanced Warfare-Trolling Randoms When grown men get pissed off at a video game reactions are hilarious Hope you all enjoyed the video Like and subscribe for more ;) My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH14YLXFpq4hUZscne9Lefw?spfreload=10
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