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    Solved Need help with trinity rgh given to me. No original nand nor key and Won't boot to anything. Bricked, I assume.

    Hey guys, this is my first thread on this site. I was given a bricked(I believe its bricked) trinity rgh by a friend who just recently moved out. It was taken apart(everything is here, though. Not the hdd, however), and had the soldering for everything and the jr programmer "already set"(I'll...
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    Unsolved Xbox 360 Not going past XLogo after Dashboard Update (RGH)

    Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. Two days ago I brought an Xbox 360 Slim Trinity and tried to update its dashboard to the latest 17559 version. I used this forum's guide to this as I was a fair noob at this. Used Simple NANDFlasher to get the dump, used Xebuild to build the image and...
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    Unsolved Trinity Nand Rebuild From Donor

    Trinity Nand Rebuild I’m trying to rebuild the NAND of a trinity board. I have written the ecc to the board but I can’t seem to get it to boot to xell. My ace v3 has 2 short led and one long led. I have tried a bunch of different timing files from the ace to the srgh files. Install photo
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    Unsolved Cant boot into xell RGH Trinity (ACE V3)

    Hi there , this is my first post so go easy please ! I have been quite lucky so far modding about 20+ but only falcons and all types of coronas with different mod chips with or without post fixes so i would like to think im fairly half decent at this now ( i could be wrong) . This is my first...
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    Unsolved J-R Programmer V2 blinking LEDs help

    Help with JR Programmer v2 So I bought a JR Programmer and soldered the wires into my Trinity, and for a while, it was working fine, I installed the drivers and had JRunner working and got my NAND read just fine, but after that, it just kinda stopped working, and now when I plug the Xbox in...
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    Solved RGLoader with RGH 17559

    Hello, I have one RGH Trinity with last dashboard (17559). And i want to use my nand (RGLoader). To create this Nand (17150), i use 17544 Dump. It worked perfectly when I switched from a Dashboard 17544 RGH to a Dashboard 17150 RGLoader. So my question is will it work from a 17559 Dashboard to...
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    Unsolved Can't read Nand from Trinity after installing x360 ace v5

    Hey guys, I'm new to some of the electrical skills required for x360 modding, but I was able to read Nands off of my trinity using JR Programmer v2 the first time I tried to. Now, after installing the x360 ace v5 chip, I'm getting the classic "flash config 0x00000000 can not continue" when...
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    Unsolved Trinity temps on a hot country

    Hi, I live in Sri lanka and it's never lower than 28^c even today is 31^c. I set my target temps on dashlaunch to, CPU- 65 Gpu-60 Edeam-63 Please tell me if I need to lower them. My actual idle temps are, CPU -60 Gpu- 56 Edram- 53 And my temps while I play dirt 3 are, CPU-62 gpu- 58 edram- 55...
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    Unsolved Trinity rgh

    Hello. I wanted to rgh my Xbox trinity a few weeks ago finally the stuff from eBay came today. Bought a jr programmer and a matrix v1 chip to do a muffin install. I want to know since the chip is from eBay will something bad like rrod happen over time or will it be fine? Thanks for reading...
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    Solved X360 ACE

    I have an X360 ACE V3 in my Trinity Glitch2. Is there any reason to upgrade it to the V5? Will I gain any features is my main concern. Or just leave it alone and enjoy? Thanks
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    Unsolved About to RGH a Trinity slim, I have a few questions.

    1. Is this everything I need?: I already have soldering iron and flux. I also have the necessary screwdriver bits to take apart the Xbox. I will be purchasing Ace V3 and J-R Programmer V2. 2. I am unsure if the parts listed above are for RGH or for RGH2? Also what parts would I need for the...
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    Unsolved Copying files to new HD

    Hello, I picked up a new to me Trinity RGH modded 360. I have followed the few post on here, and a link on youtube. But some of the data Is not getting copied to the new HD. Is there a certain way this has to be done? I have the old HD in the 360 slim. and the new one connected via a usb...
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    Unsolved I burned out solder point C on my Tinity console any alternative points?

    Hi everyone, was wondering if there was any alternative solder point for point C when RGHing a Trinity console. I cannot solder to my C point I have tried for hours the solder pad is destroyed. Would anyone know if there is any alternative solder points for this point?
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    Unsolved Trinity not turning on at all after RGH

    Hi, I was in the process of writing the Xebuild to the NAND after getting the CPU key from Xell until my JR-programmer started spitting out errrors when reading sectors. After unplugging the programmer from the computer and resoldering the connections to the Jtag header, I now just get the...
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    Solved Trinity No Modchip Activity

    Made the mistake of reprogramming the chip while console was plugged in on standby. It is a muffin Install. Chip flashes once when I power it on. Desoldered power and rst wrote stock and get rrod.
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    Solved Ace V5 Red Power Brick & Questions

    Hello, I purchased a few official Ace V5 chips for my Trinity Xbox 360 as I was sick of receiving official Ace V3 chips that did not post (to Xell), even after trying every timing file. There is limited information online on the Ace V5 chip installations so Googling has been difficult. I...
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    Solved Trinity doesnt boot

    My brothers trinity screen went dark and after that it doesnt boot .just a clicking had a matrix glitcher chip and when i try to boot the console no LEDs lights up on the chip so i thought that the chip Ive installed ACE v5 chip.still no luck and non of the LEDs lights up on...
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    Solved RGH freezing

    UPDATE: after tinkering with it a little on my own yet making virtually no changes it started working, not sure what was wrong but it does work. Every time I boot my rgh Trinity it will freeze sometime after the avatar screen. Sometimes I can get into the dashboard for about a minute others it...
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    I was recently trying to RGH another xbox. Installed the wiring properly and was ready to write the xell image to the console to get the cpu key. But, when I tried to create an ecc image it gave me an error writing the header. I looked it up and people said that it is due to not having the...
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    Solved Rgh trinity 17526 matrix v1 boots retail?

    Hello everyone. Have a trinity dash 17526. Tried to RGH was thinking that got it but seams boots retail. Got cpu key. Rewrite nand but when it boots I can’t see any files on USB drive in demo folder( I assume no rgh). When Xbox 360 boots, matrix v1 chip blinks blue. Also tried to connect...
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