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  1. S

    Question  XBox won't boot into XeLL during RGH3 mod

    Hi, I was attempting to mod my Xbox 360 Trinity using the software RGH3 method but half way into the mod where you supposed to hook up the XBOX to TV and boot into XeLL it just sits there, fan running, and the green LED in the front flashing rapidly. I'm using J-Runner 3.3.0 and clone JR...
  2. Z

    Question  RGH3 on Trinity, flashed XeLL, green light flashes, no output.

    I apologize in advance for posting so often, but I am so close to getting this thing working and I am working really hard to get it finished as soon as possible. I bit the bullet and tried to RGH3 my Trinity Xbox 360 S. I took my time, wired everything up, and managed to get the thing to show up...
  3. Z

    Question  PicoFlasher won't detect my Xbox 360 S (Trinity)

    As the title states, I am attempting to read the NAND from my Xbox 360 S Trinity. I have a Raspberry Pi Pico wired to the NAND points (I have them attached to the bottom of the motherboard), I am using an OEM power brick, and I am using a computer that I have used to read the NANDs of two...
  4. N

    Question  Trinity 16MB RGH3 - Problem reaching Dashboard

    I am having a really strange issue with my Trinity 16MB RGH3. The install went perfect and testing the console also worked great, it was testing after the console was put back together when I noticed that the console wouldn’t boot to the dashboard when powering on from the power button (or...
  5. simzy

    Question  Attempting RGH 3

    So i recently got given an xbox 360 that needed repairs doing and one of the things i noticed is that it has some problems with the pads on the board for nand. I was going to RGH it myself but im not sure how it may be possible with how the board looks. The board is a Trinity model.
  6. S

    Question  Rgh 3.0 Console not found in Jrunner after booting

    Hello, I recently tried RGHing my trinity to RGH3.0 I’ve did quite a few of these so I’m a little experienced, I’ve got this problem twice now but with this one when writing xell I forgot to click RGH3.0, I tried booting the console into xell and when it didn’t boot I realised I forgot to click...
  7. ArrowLynx

    Question  R3R22 pad completely ripped, any hope of saving this?

    Hello! I'm new to RGH and Xbox in general, I tried to mod a Xbox 360 trinity board and I did so with very little sleep and a lot of excitement, which has proven to be a mistake: As told by the schematic, from what I understand, this pad comes from the SB and onto R3R19? And as such, I think my...
  8. G

    Question  Xbox 360 Trinity always starting in Xell Reloaded after trying RGH 3.0

    Hello! First of all, I'm Brazilian and I'm writing using Google translator, if what I write is wrong or meaningless, I apologize in advance. I'm a beginner and did the RGH 3.0 procedure on a Trinity board. The flash process worked, I had no problems, I was able to capture the CPU keys and...
  9. M

    Tutorial  How to RGH3 XBOX 360 TRINITY with a AMS1117 1.2V voltage regulator and 1N4148 diode for safe instaboot.

    No resistors needed and no thinkering with different values of resistance. Works everytime. Safe instaboot. Wiring photos
  10. G

    Question  [Noob] Xbox 360 Logo Stuck, No NAND, XeLL Stuck at TFTP, Please Help!

    Hello friends, I was given a modded console that has been bought / sold multiple times, and finally landed in my hands, by my brother as a gift for Thanksgiving. I have no experience in Xbox 360 modding (although, I have software-modded other consoles), so I'm reaching out to anyone willing to...
  11. J

    Question  Cannot create XeBuild image

    So I'm doing an RGH3 on an Xbox 360 Trinity and all has gone well until I try to create a XeBuild image. When I click on it this is what comes up XeBuild Initialized Kernel Selected: 17559 KV Info saved to file --------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild...
  12. N

    Question  Trinity RGH3, won't boot after flashing XeBuild image

    So I followed WeekendModder's youtube tutorial with a PicoFlasher and once I was finished, I got xell to boot. I got cpu key. In J-Runner I put the nand bin in the source and the CPU key in, and it did it's magic automatically and moved whatever was in the output folder. Where I think I went...
  13. ShayTheNerd

    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH - Console not found error after xell

    Hello! My first post and it's already bad thing xD I wanted to RGH my second XBOX 360 after my first rgh corona. This time it is a trinity. I had done the steps up to xell reloaded and It does boot into xell. But here is my issue. I want to write the NAND after I have created the XeBuild Image...
  14. L

    Question  RGH3 Suddenly started rebooting randomly [Trinity]

    Ok. Yesterday completed my first RGH3 Trinity Mod (Never done it without mod-chips). Everything worked perfectly. Left it on for an hour - installed XexMenu and called it a night. Today - turned it on to complete setup - install dashlaunch and freestyle - and within 30 seconds console just...
  15. G

    Solved  Does anyone have S-RGH v1 files in .svf format?

    Hello, I am looking for S-RGH v1 files in .svf format, because I can't use .xsvf files to program chips. I only have a Squirt programmer which only accepts .svf files. I have one Ace v3, and a friend has a Trinity which he asked me to mod. Now to be able to use that Ace v3 on a Trinity, it...

    Question  Trinity with viper v2 not booting

    When I try to boot my xbox 360 after installing the viper dual nand v2 and flashing my nands back. I try to boot the console and I hear the ding sound but nothing happens. Not even the fan starts spinning. What do I do. Do I need to replace my RF board
  17. C

    Solved  Which tutorial for trinity rgh 1.2 v2?

    Hi, I never modded a Xbox so far and now read about this new method here: What tutorial should I use as a base to do the same? Best regards Coocooc
  18. J

    Question  Can't get Nand-X to read Nand on trinity

    I can't get the Nand-X to read. My soldering might not be as pretty as in the tutorials I've seen but from everything I've read this should be be working. Do you see any issues with my soldering? Here is what I've tried so far-- 1. Always have the console plugged in to standby power when trying...
  19. H

    Solved  RGH XeX Menu 1.2 Freeze and Reboot on startup.

    My XeXMenu 1.2 freezes on startup, Sometimes fatal crashes, from contemplating selling my console if I dont get this fixed, Can I reinstall XeX Menu 1.2 with neighborhood? Just drop the folder in the content folder instead of using a usb? Are there any fixes to this? Is my console just f**ked...
  20. H

    Solved  Are my RGH Temps too High?

    Idle temps while in dashlaunch are CPU: 54.6 Celcius GPU: 49.3 Celcius EDRAM: 45.9 Celcius MOBO: 31.9 Celcius I have a Trinity Glitch 2
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