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    Unsolved Im not able to program ace v3 "xilink device not detected"

    Hi all, im having problems trying to rgh my trinity console, its my first time doing this but not my first time modding consoles. I soldered the program wire directly to the ace v3. I tried it with: power on motherboard and on the chip, on the chip alone via jr programmer. the programmer will...
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    Ive tried to search for a fix all day but every time i attempt to fix it i end up at square 1 im new to the modding community. i used to use ******** but since they're paid now i use stealthy. I'm not sure if my stealth server is causing the issue or if it is something else but i'm just trying...
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    Solved Having some trouble with booting my RGH console.

    Hey guys this is my first time posting here so let me know if I leave anything out. I have a trinity motherboard with a x360 ace v3 glitch chip soldered on. I am using a jr programmer v2 and was able to read my nand and create a ecc and write the ecc. The one problem I am having is with my...
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    Solved Xbox Trinity board turns on when I click the ? or read nand

    So I plug in my Trinity board and plug in my nand-x to the PC and the console. Then I press the ? or read and and the console turns on. I unplugged it and tried to boot it and it works. This is my 3rd Trinity board and it has happened to all of them. This also happened when I used my Jr...
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