1. C

    Discussion  6 Man Search & Destroy Trickshotting

    Need 6 Man Search & Destroy message CCordi for an invite or if you need one
  2. U

    MW2  Mw2 trickshot clan

    I am looking for a clan to join on xbox one i am a trickshotter and have been in serveral clans before but nothing ever huge let me know if your recruiting! Make america trickshot again Add me on xbox gamertag: can of rusto
  3. xZaroya

    Solved  MW2 Trickshotting JTAG Menu

    MW2 Trickshotting JTAG Menu. I've been searching forever and I can't find any sick RGH Trickshoting menus for MW2 TU8. In the past I've seen menu's online that included; - Popular Trickshot Spots/Teleportation To Them Through Menu - Custom EB .3 - Force Host - Trickshot Preset Classes -...
  4. BO1 XPA

    [BO1] Private Match Trickshotting for XB1/360

    Yo! I'll be hosting a trickshot lobby for Black Ops 1. Send BibaStorm a message! If you have a mic, feel free to use it. Note: I have it set to 1 kill, so do NOT waste a killcam!
  5. xGamer7777x


  6. X

    BO2 Pvt Match Trickshotting.

    Hey Guys! I'm doing a BO2 Pvt Match Trickshotting Lobby 9v9 / Equal Amount On Each Message GT: i7 Drift For Inv Rules: 1. No Shouting/ Screaming 2. Friend Requests Allowed 3. No OffHost Mods E.G. AimB 4. It's 5=1kill So Only TS 5. Have Fun Trickshotting! Just to let everyone know if you are...
  7. Bloo media

    Bo2 Modded trickshotting

    Gamertag: Astra Tiny PP Gamemode : Modded tricky Myers Time: Right Now How to join: send me a private chat inv and join off of there
  8. Zhane_1

    All MW2 BO BO2  iFly Clan Recruitment.

    iFly is mainly a jitter clan. For mw2 bo2 and bo1. We are currently looking for members 15+. MUST HAVES - 1- A Modded Controller. 2- Must be able to change your nametag
  9. C

    SnD Trickshotting Livestream

    Gonna livestream some SnD 6man trickshotting message my GT if you wanna join :))) My twitch is: dredd_a GT: Semjaa
  10. Lyrical_Koji

    All  Lyrical is Recruiting! (NEW) (Promo is Out) (TT is in Process) (18/24)

    Lyrical is a upcoming COD team! Our promo is out! We are recruiting all! If you want to join message KohjiBills on Skype! YouTube : Twitter : Watch our Teamtage Promo!! Watch our Teamtage Trailer!!
  11. xGamer7777x


  12. R

    Black Ops 2 FFA/ SND Trickshotting

    If you wanna join add: xEnzhy I'm near enough always online so I'll always be down for six mans and if you want to to get highlights for a video It doesn't matter about mic but I only just got my 360 back so I don't have one yet and can't hear game sound because my monitor has no speakers. So...
  13. S

    Bo2 trickshot lobby

    Hosting bo2 and mw2Trickshotting Lobby I'll leave info below Gamertag- Noveah Console- Xbox 360 Rules No kinect mics No squeakers No emblems with advertisement such as( your yt, twitter, etc) You can friend request me but I may not accept unless your chill and I like your gt Msg me, friend...
  14. MySticTS

    Delta clan recruiting!

    Hello everyone! I'm the leader of a new mw2 only trickshotting clan! At the moment we need another 5 members. REQUIREMENTS: •720+ •Experienced •14+ •Can do basic trickshot shots •Know the spawntubes for SnD FILL OUT THIS: Gamertag: Age: Mic: Know the spawntubes: How experienced (/10)...
  15. I

    Team Entity COD Players Recruitment

    Hey guys! So if you guys are looking to join a COD clan you have come to the right place. Right now im looking for COD players. If you want to be recruited reply to this message and then i need to see your best clip for reviewing. If its good you are in!
  16. V

    Hosting a 6 man trickshotting!!

    I am hosting a 6 man trickshotting, reply with your gamertags or message me on xbox to join My gamertag= vKeigh P.S. I have god mode classes and double health with overkill classes so it will be easy to get to last! Thank you and please comment "Legit" if you are satisfied.
  17. Zenseyy

    Need People 6 Man Ps3 Bo2 Bo1 Mw3 Mw2

    Wanna join my 6 man or I join yours? Idc Add me (Zenseyy) or text my imessage [email protected] PS3 Pls -pls have a mic -pls dont be a douche -I have bo2 bo1 mw3 mw2 ghosts
  18. Cursv


    Private chat AhdaptationzZ for inv. Tweet at me what map you want @Drxness :tongue:
  19. XboxLiveLogon

    Looking for a clan? Request a Clan Position/Role (Free Agent)

    Please post in this thread for clan leaders to invite you to their respected clans. If you want to request a role in a clan, please fill out this form below to the best of your ability. Name: Position/Role: Availability: Preferred console: Contact method: Time Zone: Extra details, information...
  20. S

    LMGX Recruitment Challenge

    LMGX Clan is an elite Call of Duty clan mostly for Black Ops 2. We don't care what CoDs you have as long as you have BO2. If you would like to join please fill out the following application. Name: Age(Please be at least 16): GT: Role: (Trickshotter, Feeder, Editor, Graphic Design, Competitive)...
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