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  1. rony645

    Skyrim Special Edition PC Save conversion to PS4

    Does anyone know how to convert, transfer or re-encrypt a PC save of Skyrim Special Edition to the PS4 version of the game. I'm looking to see if there are any tools that would allow this to happen. Looking to get any insight or if someone would know how to do this. I would truly appreciate any...
  2. R

    Question  Transfer modded PC job to PS4

    Someone can transfer this modded job? https://pt.socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/8quSu5YM3k-s5zteKeW8GA I know how to access json files to do this, but some jobs the address 0_0_en.json don't work, so i need to discover which json address is. But if someone already have the needed...
  3. B

    Discussion  360 Save file from downloading on computer.

    So I recently purchased Need for Speed Most Wanted. I have now learned that if you have a Need for Speed Underground 2 save file on your system, you will start with 10k more cash than normal. This allows you to buy the fastest car in the game. The reason I want that is because I wanna start...
  4. ilikefredy

    Question  USB Formatting / Transfer Problems

    Purchased 20 cheap USB 2.0 16GB Flash Drives from Amazon that I am using to put individual profiles (and their gamesaves) on for all of my friends and family to use for my 10 RGH Xbox LAN Setup I have going. I've managed to get 9 of the 20 drives to work as intended: Plugging in Flash Drive...
  5. B

    Question  Download Xbox one purchased games via PC and transfer it to Ext Hard drive

    Is it possible? I am asking this because, when I download games in my Xbox one X it always ends up in "installation Stopped" error.
  6. C

    Solved  GTA V Character Transfer

    I am sadly out of luck because during the deadline of Rockstars Character Transfer I didn't have either the 360 version or the One version to transfer and was wondering if anyone here could transfer my character over from the 360 to the One for free as right now I'm flat broke. I would really...
  7. Lenny Iacco

    Solved  HELP with rebuilding Xbox One save for PC, BL2.

    To make a long story short, i'm getting a laptop and want to play BL2 without internet. Issue is, I want my Xbox One save to rehash as a PC save. Obviously, I can't do that. So I need some help building a new save for the PC version of the game to as close as my Xbox save as possible. I'm sort...
  8. Toxicify

    Patched  Gta 5 online: Property Tranfser Glitch Workaround?

    *Updated* Disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT ON PC DO NOT have any vehicles in "storage" in your mechanic phone menu on your main characters selected garage or use a apartment shoutout TO THE FOUNDERS OF THIS GLITCH: NextGenUnit, Fiending666, SAVAGECREW Ytb, SALEM S35OG, Trill Glitcher, DC CLOUD TV...
  9. Ryan Carreon

    Solved  Remove RCV/Chernobog

    I was wondering if there is a way for me to move my chernobog/RCV in my facility into a garage so I can put my modded chernobog/RCV in my facility?
  10. BigLez

    Solved  Transferred by account back in feb but its not transferred?

    I transferred my main xbox account back in feb, when i have mostly legit stats, first time playing since i transferred. No stats, no money, no cars or items. Guessing the transfer ****ed up, because I havent played gta on 360 or one since i transferred. Anyway i can get my account on xbox 1...
  11. I

    Patched  Store Special Vehicles In Your Vehicle Warehouse

    I have no idea who the original founder of this glitch is, I looked at a combination of old ones myself and worked through a method I know works creating new steps, rearranging steps and trying new things. I've been using this or a variation of this for hard to store vehicles as well. I may or...
  12. Axx9844

    Video  If you need help

    If you need help downloading mod tools more tutorials will be out soon!
  13. Quacked

    Solved  Anyone know how he done this?

    So basically there is a video of a guy on YouTube called ZupahMods (He used to be on this site I think) and he managed to transfer a modded account to PS4, so what I want to know is if this is real and if anyone knows how to do it?
  14. D

    Solved  Character Transfer Twice...Please Help!!!!

    Basically I play gta online on ps3 currently. I had character transferred my data on to the ps4 just to trial run it. However I have now progressed a lot from that level (which is on the ps4) on the ps3. I want to transfer my character again but it does not allow me as it says it can only be...
  15. Mario1991bmg

    Solved  Social Club Account & PSN link

    Hi guys, i have a little problem. I have a PS4 with an GTA/Social Club Account (lvl 85). I also have a PS3 with GTA/Social Club Account (lvl 140), that i have transferred to a new PSN account. Is it now possible to link both of my GTA/Social Club Profiles to only one Psn account without loosing...
  16. FiVEOHFiVE

    Solved  Where to start in Online after being gone so long?

    I haven't played GTA 5 since the last update on last gen back in Summer 2015? So that's more than a year of updates I am behind on. I'm finally making the transfer over to ps4 and I want to know what's the best way to make money with the current economy of online. My character on ps3 has about 3...
  17. quadrodip

    Solved  Transferring Accounts (xbox 360 - xbox one)

    I Recently bought a modded Xbox 360 account Pre made 31 days ago! I Unlocked The account on xbox.com .... Linked the account to my social club account . Went on my Xbox tried to transfer my account and it comes up with my Xbox 360 data not the modded accounts data ... Please help me in the...
  18. Whiskerbiscuit

    Solved  Need help with character transfer...

    I've never transferred a character to my PS4, but my account is the same one used to transfer a character from 360 to Xbox One. I started over on PS4, but with the same social club account, and now it's saying I've already transferred from last gen and can't do it? I've purchased a recovery...
  19. H

    Solved  Simeon won't call after modding fresh account.

    Hey guys, so basically, a modder modded a fresh psn gta account for me (Lvl 130, 100 Million Dollars) and I think he didnt skip the Online Tutorial. I didnt know that so i transfered that ps3 character to my xbox one account. When I very first joined a lobby, I had to do weird stuff like going...
  20. WAST3D


    tested on PC, should work on all platforms Founder: WAST3D Yo Glitching fam! here is a method i've found to transfer two different logos on any Tron/Deadline outfit, it is saveable and it sticks.It works for male and female characters. Edit: Important to note that once you've done the...
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