1. FoxyModz

    Code  ClanWar Offset

    (0x8261828C) I've had this for awhile hopefully someone with more Knowledge can make something. Enjoy (2187428492U)
  2. Caboose

    Mod Menu  Red Dead Redemption 1 Mod Menu Bases, Tools, Updated Natives, & Demonic Revelations 2.6 Free Mod Menu

    I figured it was time to release this stuff, so here you go. MOD MENU BASES Mod Menu Bases + Updated Natives: HERE - Updated Virus Scan: HERE - Updated Menu Bases Screenshots [Ignore Black Background On FuhzBots Base and Mod Menu Base v2 - Texture Swap In RPF] TOOLS RPF Tools: HERE...
  3. DeerDrinkingBeer

    Unsolved  Is there a tool that extracts & packs .vpp_xbox2 files for Saints Row IV? (ISO mods)

    Hi, I'm working on modding/trying to mod Saints Row IV (Xbox 360) to create mods for the the xbox players. Unfortunately from my hours of research, there is no such tools out there that helps me achieve this goal; due to not having a proper .vpp_xbox2 extraction & packer tools specifically for...
  4. rony645

    Skyrim Special Edition PC Save conversion to PS4

    Does anyone know how to convert, transfer or re-encrypt a PC save of Skyrim Special Edition to the PS4 version of the game. I'm looking to see if there are any tools that would allow this to happen. Looking to get any insight or if someone would know how to do this. I would truly appreciate any...
  5. H

    Unsolved  Halo 3 Negative Exp just for one instance

    Hi Everyone! So recently I had a friend increase my exp in Halo 3 for the xbox 360 so I could hit the 4 star general rank but I ended up getting to much exp and now I have more exp than games played. I know its a bit of a taboo here to give negative exp to others so they don't abuse it but I...
  6. AnonymousGentleman

    Unsolved  Saints Row: The Third Chunksum Fixer. [REQUESTED]

    I would like a new chunksum fixer for Saints Row The Third for XBox 360 & PS3. Jappi88 & Fairchild's chunksum fixer is old, outdated and broken. I want a updated chunksum fixer for the latest patch of the game. Itd be good if someone special can make this tool for me.
  7. AnonymousGentleman

    Support  Saints Row 2 Garage Editor [REQUESTED]

    I want someone to make a Saints Row 2 garage editor tool. I want to inject/extract vehicles from Saints Row 2 for PS3/XBox 360. I'd appreciate if anyone is dedicated to do this for me.
  8. E

    Solved  Forza Horizon 2 Modding

    hello , this is my first post here sorry if i break any rules. i like playing forza horizon 2 on my old xbox 360. i wanted to know if there is a way to mod the game , the cars to be exact not the game save. i want to give some cars more steering angle for drifting purposes , so if there is a way...
  9. Enjoying420

    Solved  Unhandled exception has occurred

    Ive been messing with a few RTE tools for my RGH and the tools use to work properly, but ever since I had to hard restart my computer and redownload my files Ive been getting this error whenever I try to connect a tool to my RGH I get this error message...
  10. Unknown_Coder

    Tools  Working on releasing TU9 tool need help with some function!

    I have most of the offsets like SV, Cbuff/CMD, Just need help with other ones for TU9. I will release this tool to the public free once it's finished! I need help with grabbing gclient to Listbox etc Pics of the tool:
  11. S

    Discussion  Principle on how to mod a PS4 Game - for example FIFA 20

    If this thread is in the wrong categorie please feel free to move it where it belongs to. So I am basically new to modding ps4 games and wanted to do some changes on FIFA 20. It doesn't have to be changes at all. I would be happy if I am even able to explore the whole gameplay dependend files...
  12. Guboz

    Solved  Cannot Get tools to connect to my jtag

    Hi, Over the last few months, I've been trying to get my JTAG to connect tools and to GSC studio but it just won't work. I've read many articles and watched many videos but nothing seems to work. It does connect to neighbourhood and is set up as the default console. Please help. Thanks.
  13. X

    Solved  Can’t connect any tools to my rgh

    So yesterday I was doing a recovery for someone my tools where working fine all my plugins are fine and next thing you know I got done with this guys account and then I went to connect my tool again after closing it out and it came up with the error “ this tool uses JRPC2 to connect” and I had...
  14. S

    Solved  Cant open any tools?

    ok so basically i had to factory reset my laptop and it is now on Windows 7 Home premium. Since i restarted it, ive downloaded a few free tools off of youtube (r34s tool etc) tools that should work normally... even a paid bo2 tool that used to work just fine wont open now. ive checked the...
  15. powered by poi

    Mobile  looking for mod tools DBZ Dokkan battle

    hello everyone, ive spent some time searching online but havent yet come across any tools for the game DBZ dokkan battle for andriod or IOS that seem trust-able or not scam-ish. so im coming here to ask the pro's about it. does anyone have a clue where i can find a mod tool or instructions on...
  16. S_U_I_D_I_D_E

    Unsolved  Any one have a Zombie tool for this game??

    Been looking for a long time to find zombie menus, or tainers. all the trainers i found are crap ad dont work, just show the notifications. And cant seem to find a zombie tool.. help meeeee
  17. Axx9844

    Video  If you need help

    If you need help downloading mod tools more tutorials will be out soon!
  18. Immense

    MW2 RGB Editing Tool

    I decided to make this tool cause of Shoe lol although its not a hard tool to make i thought some people would like it. Pic of the tool as you can see its super simple didn't care to put that much work into it. example of what you can do, btw its ONLY on this page that you can edit it with...
  19. X

    Solved  Tool Suggestions For New RGH User

    Yo wassup peeps just wanted to get some suggestions on what tools I should run on my rgh open to any suggestions mainly looking for free tools and plugins but any suggestions are fine would consider buying some good ones if there out there shoot me a DM or hit me up on here thanks-XeX_D0N
  20. M

    load of xrpc tool functions for beginners...

    so ive been looking around and seeing that loads of people/beginners are wanting help making tools (XRPC Tools) so ive been putting a .dll together for people that are wanting help on there tools it has a load of functions in it (MW2,BO1,BO2 bypass only for bo2) and im still working on mw3 and...
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