1. toofaces2

    Code  Animation/Scenario Source Code [Dev]

    Here I publish some Animtaion/Scenario Source Codes if you want, I can add further -->PM ( Pastebin has 20 Post limits )...
  2. toofaces2

    Mod Menu  [RELEASE] GTA 5 Eboot.bin (DEX/1.27)

    Eboot.bin - BLES 1.27 - Debug (DEX) - Cash Drop - Anti Ban - Script Bypass - XMB Crash Fix - Vehicle Freeze Protection - Anti Cheater Reports Open Sprx Menu with: - GTA.sprx - Gtamenu.sprx - Lexicon.sprx - Polynesia.sprx - Power.sprx VirusScan Credits: Kryptus, zundappchef, toofaces2
  3. toofaces2

    Source Code [Giveaway]

  4. toofaces2

    Ultra Freeze List

    Here you have the Possibility to automatically freeze People if the Mod is Activated. You can add 30 Gamertag Open Sco Editor and add Gamertag in "Gamertag Here1/30" Section. Note: This is not the Blacklist! Download // Virus Scan
  5. toofaces2

    NEW Map Mods [Console]

    Water Challange Download VirusScan ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Airport v2 Download VirusScan...
  6. toofaces2

    Annihilator Rapid Fire v2 [Quickly Setting]

    Annihilator RapidFire v2 Use this Option for fast loading (Quickly Setting) 1. Put the Mod AniRapidfirev2.sco only or with the Disable.sco function (include) 2. You can rename it as you want & put it on your own Loader if you need it 3. Very easy for newbies Why is it v2? - Bugs fixed - v2...
  7. Hybrid_Mods

    Solved  How to install plugins on jtag/rgh?

    so currently i have: neighborhoods xbdm file as plugin #1 ninja stealth server xex as plugin #2 What i need help with is where do i put tool plugins such as recovery tools, gt spoofers, bo2 tools to send mods to me in game, etc stuff like that.
  8. toofaces2


    Hallo Se7ensins, Carty is a BIG Text Generator & Generate Big Text art signs easy to use. installation is not needed! Copy & Paste the marked signs in where you want Download (1.66mb) WinXP,Vista,Win7,Win8 Virus Scan credit: fsymbols(site owner), toofaces2 (tool)
  9. toofaces2

    [Tutorial] Learning about C++ (Beginners)

    Basics of C ++ and compiler Learn C ++ programming is an option that is also still perceived by programming beginners. Often one starts today with Java or C # as the first programming language. But C ++ to learn still makes sense, since some concepts are included, which does not exist in Java...
  10. toofaces2

    C/C++  [Tutorial] Learning & Creating Calculator

    I show you today how to create a Calculator Ok in this chapter we want to write a small calculator for the command line. This is further improved in later chapters, but for now only learns only the four basic arithmetic operations. An object consists of two numbers that are separated by an...
  11. toofaces2

    [RELEASE] Se7ensins Music Player

    Hello Se7ensins, how about a Se7ensins Music Player? Very light and small Player - 2,21mb Works on all Audio formats** Special With Se7ensins Theme*** Minimize Option Play in Backround* Save/Load Playlist Shuffle & Volume +/- Portable* No installation required** Download - 2.21mb Virus...
  12. toofaces2


    ___________________________________________________________________ Screenshot's ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Download // Virus Scan...
  13. toofaces2

    [REL] Buzzard Turbo Modus + Explosive Bullets

    PC|XBOX|PS3 BUZZARD TURBO MODUS with 4x Line and 2 Line is Explosive unstoppable Works with any Vehicles [Activate the Mod & Press (X) / (A) Button for Shot] Download // Virus Scan Credit: Blender88,Toofaces2,BLOODY Do not Release it without my Permission!
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