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    Unsolved  GTA 5 crashes after updating title update

    I wanted to update my GTA 5 from TU 9 to TI 16. I followed the usual instructions (delete the old TU, copy and paste the new TU to 545408A7, start manual scan and activate the TU). When I try to run GTA 5, it crashes. The message is fatal crash intercepted. Can anyone help me?
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    Unsolved  Every time I start a game on xbox live it asks me to do a title update?

    Ok so this has been happening nonstop. Every time I launch a game from startup I have to update. I've just dealt with it but it is starting to annoy me, as half the time after the update finishes it crashes my console and I have to restart and do it all over again (also on a 1mb/s network). It...
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    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH fatal crash on any Mod menu

    Hello there. I'm a newbie so pls. Don't kill me straight awai if I don't get things exactly right. I've let someone mod my xbox 360 recently and it all worked fine. I've played some menus in gta v and then I wanted to make GOD copies of all my games so I don't have to use the dvd anymore. and so...
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    How can I downgrade to TU20 - made a huge mistake and losing sleep over it

    This is my first post here so hello everyone. Some background: I am a father of two boys, who both love Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Their favourite version is TU20, as they have played the PC version at a friend's house and are vehemently opposed to the newer updates. I have been directed to this...
  5. Big Rainbow Six Siege Update Coming Tomorrow

    Big Rainbow Six Siege Update Coming Tomorrow

    Rainbow Six Siege has been undergoing a substantial overhaul since earlier this summer, and today Ubisoft detailed the game's next big update. Title Update 2.2.2 is launching tomorrow, and it's designed to set the stage for even bigger changes coming later. The update's most significant tweaks...
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    Solved  Title Update questions

    Hi everyone. I had a question relating to title updates. I received my first RGH modded console a little bit ago. All I am really wanting to play games offline. Console is not on XBL. Every time I try to download the title update and place it inside my cache folder, the game refuses to run...
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    Solved  I have tu00000008_00000000 For the title update. I need to be on 9.

    So i downloaded gta 5 offline the store because multiple iso's didn't work so i just downloaded it. Anyway so I looking into getting some mod loader and I go to replace it. And my title update is tu00000008_00000000. I need title update tu00000009_00000000. I've looked around and I've found...
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    Solved  A quick BO 3 question for the Xbox 360 version

    I have a banned LT 3.0 Xbox 360 console and would like to play BO3. When I start the game... It says that I need to apply a title update.. but my console it's banned. Is it any possible way to play this? Thanks!
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