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  1. B

    Bo3 Boosting

    Boosting if we get 4-8 players we will do rotation ffa (free for all) so we all get Nuked Outs and get camos if we get 8+ players we will do a Team death match 75 kill rotation to get a gun gold nearly Timing GTM Mon-Fri - 10am - 1pm (times may varie) Gold Gun - 10-30 Mins Diamond - 1-2...
  2. Pro

    Patched  | PC | Xbox | PS4 | Balloon Glide Trick

    Hey, Just wanted to share this tip with everyone as its helped me TREMENDOUSLY, was shocked at how many people didn't know about this. This will allow you to travel extremely far with balloons and reach high points that enemies may not see you coming from. Step 1: While going up the balloon...
  3. Frank

    Discussion  ♞Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide ♞

    Red Dead Redemption 2 I'll be adding to this every day I'm open to input by all means! So send me a message if so. :smile: This is just the start! Free Roam Online Right so before you do anything within the free roam online I'd like to suggest some tips Shooting from a stagecoach is important...
  4. Floor Kids Is A Fresh Breakdance Game Coming To PS4 November 27

    Floor Kids Is A Fresh Breakdance Game Coming To PS4 November 27

    On behalf of my team, I’m really excited to announce Floor Kids, a funky hand-drawn breakdance game, featuring an original soundtrack, and an emphasis on freestyle moves and self-expression. I’m JonJon, the creator and animator of the Floor Kids characters, and a lot of my best friends are boys...
  5. C

    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH Online Help

    Hey all, Recently just got a Rgh 2 360 Slim. I’m not entirely sure how to take it online without getting insta-banned. I’ve looked on the forums for a bit and haven’t found really any threads detailing the steps and precautions of going online. I do have it connected to my network, however the...
  6. Sup iM Jeremy

    Looking for constructive criticism

    Hey everyone, i decided to try making YouTube videos with a buddy and i'm looking to see if anyone could give me some tips on how to improve and some constructive criticism. we're pretty much a channel dedicated to older video games, Super Nintendo, N64, Sega and so on. Thanks in advance...
  7. Cod_king757

    Patched  How to Respawn in Search and Destroy!

    -Search and Destroy Mode -Pick Seraph Specialist -Use the Slot used for regenerating specialist ability faster -Each round switch Specialist and then back to Seraph for multiple uses Enjoy
  8. GrayRat

    Tutorial  Fortnite tips to become a better builder

    Over the past few years there have been many battle royale games that want to cash in on the popularity of the genre. Each of these games are more or less the same with little differences among them. One title however reigns among the battle royale genre as the supreme leader, Fortnite: Battle...
  9. GrayRat

    Tutorial  10 Overwatch Tips to Improve Your Game

    While you can get better at any game by continuous practice; gamers should have the right direction of where to focus. So let me share some basic but useful tips to improve your game in Overwatch, that helped me as well: 1. Stick to the payload 2. Switch between heroes 3. Keep the team balanced...
  10. S

    Discussion  Getting a 50 in H3, need tips or frands

    I’m unranked in most playlists. I’m currently 16 in Lone Wolves, and was wondering the best method to ranking up. I wanna reach 50 since my old account was a 46. If anyone wants to help out, my GT is XXXBone. I only lost one ranked LW match due to quitters and campers.
  11. TheRealSK7

    Working  Tips, tricks and, Glitch on Gustav Cannon

    I’m showing in this video tips, tricks, and glitches on the map Gustav Cannon. Also with the glitch I show it’s limitations on how far you can go! The Glitch was not found by me by the first tip or trick was. Get out of map 1.Jump from the platform onto the metal pole holding the logs in...
  12. WannaDJ

    Video  How To Win: $100,000 PREMIUM RACE - RATON! - GTA 5 Online Racing #22 (Tips and Tricks)

    How To Win: $100,000 PREMIUM RACE - RATON! - GTA 5 Online Racing #22 (Tips and Tricks) GTA 5 Online Racing Episode 22, and today we play Premium Race - Raton, which is a stunt lap race for supercars with a prize pool of $100,000 in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online (GTA 5 Online)! I also give some tips...
  13. O

    Solved  Tips to avoid a ban using a basic RP/cash modded account?

    Hi guys, If there's already an up to date thread on this feel free to let me know! I can't find one. Modded accounts will always carry a ban risk, but surely there are various actions one can take to minimize chances? I'm considering buying a modded account, I'm only interested in playing...
  14. vingrr

    PC  Funny CS:GO Tips

  15. vingrr

    PC  bulls*** CS:GO Tips

  16. dat_sin_tho

    Question  Custom Xbox One Help/Tips Please

    Ok. So i bought an xbox one in January and since then i have installed a custom fan and replaced the LED colors on the console and controller. Now i am going to be building a new case entirely out of wood, and installing a window. I am thinking of painting the wood blue but still undecided. I...
  17. HoestOnline

    Video  Freeroam Battle and Survival Tips for Grand Theft Auto Online

    We are playing grand theft auto online freeroam today. If you play the game yourself you know how crazy it can get in public freemode sessions. I personally like it and are always ready to play an active part in the chaos and madness. But I'm not that fond of my K/D, I try to fight and survive...
  18. vingrr

    PC  De_Mirage Bullsh*t Tips (LOL)

    Have a laugh :)
  19. Adudz88

    Tutorial  How to Avoid Bounty's when Stealing Street Vehicles

    I know I'm tired of getting bounties placed on my head and of the people come to kill me & take it when I'm trying to do something important and I'm sure a lot of you are too. This one is kind of an obvious trick but for those that don't know, here's what you do... 1) Go into Passive Mode 2)...


    Hi all, Some tips and tricks on how to snipe in BF1 Video - Be patient. Dont rush people. Try find a good angle on the enemies. If you get shot at by sniper or anyone then move, (dont try and retaliate) find new cover and set up again. When moving from cover dont run straight, try and...
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