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  1. EltonBrand

    Solved  Are there any known glitches to wear a helmet, mask, and rebreather all at the same time?

    I have this really cool outfit idea that can't be fully realized due to not being able to do this. Anyone know of any glitches that can help me accomplish this?
  2. K

    Old time booster - Question

    Yo whats going on, just had a quick question regarding Black ops 4 boosting... I use to boost all the way back to WAW through to MW3 on BHL and havent done since.. Is boosting on this still the same as back in the day? Domination boosting, cap home flag then trade B flag??
  3. VantusEtheria

    Solved  Possible Time Advancement?

    So, with the new After Hours update, it takes a while for the nightclubs to start becoming lucrative or even pay for themselves. So, I was wondering if there might be a possible way to make GTA Online think that more time has advanced than has actually occurred. Like, say multiple days going by...
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