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  2. Harry

    Discussion  The wait for Intel's 9th gen mobile Core CPUs for laptops is almost over

    Without getting into any of the nitty-gritty details, Intel confirmed at GDC 2019 that it's launching mobile versions of its 9th generation H-series Core processors during the second quarter. That translates into before July. Unfortunately, Intel did not divulge any specific models or...
  3. XRC

    Discussion  [Release] Project RAT V1 - ALL THE SWEATY EDITORS

    Welcome to the Project RAT V1 - ALL THE SWEATY EDITORS! This mod menu was created for one reason for all the editors that cannot make there own stuff. There will not be any video so don't ask for one. If you wanna know what's inside open in FFViewer. This mod menu might piss off all the sweaty...
  4. EltonBrand

    Solved  Are there any known glitches to wear a helmet, mask, and rebreather all at the same time?

    I have this really cool outfit idea that can't be fully realized due to not being able to do this. Anyone know of any glitches that can help me accomplish this?
  5. VenomPlays_YT

    PC Xbox One PS4  2 minutes 55 seconds of The Best Rainbow Six siege glitches on Outback!

    Hope you like it
  6. AironCriminal


    hello guys first I say that I do not want to give any merit with this. I just do it for helping the community in what I can- The issue of corrupt activities that do not appear is solved as follows: Steps: 1º Go to marked activities, options, online, play activity, marked, and one by one all...
  7. SSL

    Video  I got FLUNG outside the map..

    Went to run over an enemy and this happened..
  8. Jaykae

    Solved  How to unlock; The Taken King?

    After some trouble, I finally got to level 25 with the help of The Taken King DLC, however; I can't play The Taken King. it just shows a cinematic video and all I can do is skip it. I'm level 25 after using the boost. I also have all the DLC's installed from The Taken KIng... Am I doing...
  9. E

    Working  Apex Legends OP Glitch *Have The Same Legends On The Same Team Glitch* {Solo method}

    Hey Se7ensins, Here is a nice glitch you can do on Apex Legends that allows you to be the same legend as another player In the same match :smile: This Glitch is very easy to do but not always so easy to hit. Here is a video showing me doing the glitch...
  10. M

    Discussion  The Division 2

    Hi, I haven't been very successful to find a post about the Division 2 Since it has 2 days from its release I was wondering ... do u guys play it, if yes. Do we have a Se7en Sins Clan ??? c u in game
  11. Derf Jagged

    Solved  Is there a way to disable the eFuse burning circuit on slim/E like there is on phats?

    I know you can remove a resistor or bridge a point on phats to disable the eFuse burning circuit, but is there a way to do it on slims / E models? Edit: Apparently Slim/E models now have a diagnostic that tests whether a bit can be burned or not (without actually burning it), so breaking the...
  12. K

    Solved  Is there a way to still get the paramedic outfit

    Hey, I have been wondering if there still a way to get the parametric outfit still?
  13. Jaykae

    Solved  Can I unlock achievements/trophies by playing the same heist/mission?

    Can I unlock achievements/trophies by playing the same heist/mission? I'm looking to achievement/trophy hunt and get as many as I can. I see you get some for earning "gold/platinum" 30 times. does this have to be for different missions/heists or can it be the same over and over again? Thanks 7s.
  14. GlitchSquad

    Solved  Rockstar changed the behaviour of the GTA app on PS4 when it is suspended..

    I think they did this in order to stop the buy everything for free glitch: I restarted my game 2 times and tried several sessions, after you suspend your GTA 5 app and go back to gta you'll get force kicked into story.. prior this, you we're booted into a new session.. Pretty big patch...
  15. Entropy1337

    Solved  [RGH] BO2 Mob of The Dead "player has left the game"

    Hello, I have a problem with BO2 zombies map "Mob of The Dead", when I start the game it just loads up for me, but it will show that other people left (everyone) and they will be stuck on "Waiting for other players.". It just happens with Mob of The Dead, nothing else.
  16. T H C

    Mod Menu  [Release] [Port] The Hidden Gold 4.3 Mod Menu Base

    The Hidden Gold 4.3 Base With Verification So I saw somebodies post from a while ago saying they wanted The Hidden Gold ported over to Black Ops 2, so here it is. If someone could record a little video or take a picture, I would appreciate it! I took out most of the menus, except for the 'edit...
  17. K

    Patched  Hunt The Beast Clothing Glitch

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