1. Free-to Play MMO Tera Launches Today on PS4

    Free-to Play MMO Tera Launches Today on PS4

    Hello! I’m Matt Denomme, Senior Product Manager at En Masse Entertainment. I’m excited to introduce you to an amazing new MMORPG experience now available on PS4—Tera! En Masse publishes Tera on PC, but we always saw tremendous potential for the game on console. Two years ago, we set out with the...
  2. unlocalized

    Tera v1 Infections

    Lobby Status: {CLOSED} Gamertag: xUnlocalized Hello, Se7enSins. Tonight I will be hosting the Tera v1 menu for a while, until I get bored. There ARE rules, so read carefully or risk losing your chance at being infected by me. If you've never been infected, or have had troubles in the past, be...
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