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    Full breakdown at end of video, circling flashbang right before contact with my face. 1/10,000 chance at least. probably bigger odds. Using several mods in the video if you don't recognize a gun :>
  2. Unbelievable Clip! 46 Kill Streak Point Hold | Literally Ran Out of AMMO | Did that really just happen?!

    Unbelievable Clip! 46 Kill Streak Point Hold | Literally Ran Out of AMMO | Did that really just happen?!

    After spawning in and holding the point by myself for an entire 5 minutes, racking up 46 kills, I found myself down to only a few bullets left in my trusty 1911. After throwing a molotov to create a short diversion to find ammo, this happens...
  3. ElHaveCito

    PC  [Fifa22]Looking mates for coop challenges

    ait im looking in fifa 22 people to play and between complete coop challenges (most of then vs ia) in ultimate team , play volta and pro club but most focused on coop challenges of ultimate team. Origin id : Masueleonlytrue
  4. DarkPlasmaGaming

    Discussion  Amplified eSports Competitive Fortnite Recruiting!

    Hello! We are an upcoming Competitive eSports team looking for Recruitments! Requirements: - Must be at least 15+ - Be active. (At least weekends) - Must have at least 100+ wins. (Any section. Ex: Solo, Duo, Squads) - Must be a Team Player. (Cares about teammates, Not Themselves) - A Decent...
  5. Z

    Private Match trickshotting & making a new team

    Msg for inv: Zamey or Prime Zawzi Hosting a private match trickshot lobby and also recruiting for our new team, haven’t thought of a name yet. Tell one of us if you’re interested in joining
  6. Aydind

    Looking for a Clan? Request a Clan Position/Role (Free Agent)

    Please post in this thread for clan leaders to invite you to their respected clans. If you want to request a role in a clan, please fill out this form below to the best of your ability. Name: Position/Role: CoD games you play: Availability: Preferred console: Contact method: Time Zone: Extra...
  7. X

    Looking for Zombies Team

    Looking for interactive dedicated zombies team on xbox one, preferably for the giant or shadows of evil. Also do black ops 2 maps, must have mics. Add me or msg for games: GT: XxPaulyHBxX
  8. Cod_king757

    Working  The Giant - Wallbreach god mode team pileup

    Head to the back teleporter room near kn44... then head to the right side of the stairway then back yourself into the corner and have a zombie step on you... immediately turn towards the wall and run fast towards it .... all teammates are invisible to zombies at kn44!! Be careful of death...
  9. Nemo_

    Need A Team

    I just want a cool team to chill and play overwatch hmu if your down
  10. P

    MP Players - CORE: KC & TDM --

    !!! NO MIC IS NEEDED AS I WILL NOT BE USING ONE !!! !! NO BOOSTING / CHEATING IS WANTED !! Looking for players willing to party up to play public core kill confirmed & TDM. Add / message me @ paininthepassos UK Timezone, play throughout day / not at night.
  11. Saucy Modz

    All  Looking For a Team to run under our name!

    Hey Sovereign E-Sports is a up and coming esports team and we are looking for a team that would like to run under our name. We need teams for Call Of Duty (PS4) and (Xbox One) aswell as League Of Legends and Overwatch. Thank You! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfK-sJ_EzLpEaezNHPg7s4w
  12. xl COOLWHIP

    IW MW  Lookin to Start a Team [PS4]

    **NOTE** Sorry for wall o' text but bare with me lol or PSN is at the bottom if you dont wanna read the whole thing. I'm looking to start a PS4 team, mainly to have people to play pubs with so we can actually win games instead of being stuck with randoms, I only have 2 people I play with and...
  13. PenaBooy


    We are looking for competetive players to play gb/umg with. We don't look at your age just skill and communication. If interested send me an email at [email protected] and come for tryouts! See you soon!
  14. Jackets


    Message joekingxx or jacketpotatos for invite. Starting soon.
  15. A

    BOOSTing lobby!

    add me: aBlindShooter 2nd controller prefered but not required
  16. MikeyZombiee

    Anyone Here Play Defiance (360)?

    Any Plays Defiance? Add me On Live GT : Mikey Zombiee
  17. Q

    Queenesco looking for a Team !

    Hey guys ! I'm 18 years old girl and currently looking for a team (18+ please) on bo3 ps4 I have a mic , I play everyday & I mostly play S&D HC Prestige 3 level 45 multiplayer Prestige 6 level 10 zombies I have a 1.1 ratio 1.5 ratio in Free for all Add me on my psn esco2001
  18. U

    [UL] Unique Legacy Clan - Recruiting

    Hello guys, I'm Jinxy and the leader of PS3 team known as Unique Legacy Clan! In order for you to join our clan you need some requirements. By the way this is a PS3 ONLY clan. Requirements Age: Position/Role: Mic: Positions we provide are Comp., Sniping, and Trickshot Team. Thats all. Best...
  19. I

    (Xbox one) looking for a team

    not looking to boost just looking to team up with some people and win some matches in Dom or snd gamer tag (its babyjesus x)
  20. I

    (Xbox one) looking for people to team with

    just looking for people to team with to play dom or snd gamer tag is (its babyjesus x)
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