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team xecuter

  1. R

    Question  Xecuter CR3 1.0s Compatibility

    Hello there, i've picked up a Genuine CR3 PRO 1.0s, with a QSB for POST. My question here is: Is this chip compatible with Phat Models? Can i perform an R-JTAG on those models or chip is only compatible with Slim Versions?
  2. K

    Solved  Corona Demon Nand/Xell Does Not Boot RGH But Stock Retail Nand Does

    Hi Everyone, I seem to be having a very strange issue with my 7-8 year old dual-nand Corona Xbox 360 (Star Wars Edition). The issue is that it stopped booting modified nand's on the Demon and Xbox 360 chips. I can load the Stock 17559 nand just fine without issue so I don't think it's a wiring...
  3. M

    News  Switch Lite and Patched Switch will be hacked by Team Xecuter Soon

    It seems that TX has found a way to modify the latest Switch consoles, including the newly released Lite Brand news, the Switch Lite and Patched Switch consoles will be soon hacked by Team Xecuter. TX SX Pro and SX OS are not working on the 2 units, but TX will release something new to mod...
  4. hebesupport

    News  SX OS 2.6 finally released for Switch 7.0.X

    We know everyone has been eagerly anticipating support for firmware 7.x, some even said it would never come.. but the wait is now over! SX OS v2.6 BETA Announcement This new 2.6 BETA of SX OS adds full support for Nintendo Switch firmware 7.x, including ALL functionality you expect when using...
  5. S

    Support  what should I do if I only but the Xecuter SX OS?

    Can anyone give me the professional guidance of buying Xecuter SX pro and OS? I find the official seller from https://team-xecuter.com/where-to-buy/, Which called 3DS-Flashcard site. they promise to send the OS code while I buy the Xecuter SX Pro, Can anyone give me the suggestions?
  6. cOOn

    Discussion  Team Xecuter coming to Nintendo Switch

    So, i guess it's a bit of old news since it was published on January 2nd: http://team-xecuter.com/team-xecuter-coming-to-your-nintendo-switch-console/ Team Xecuter confirmed that there will be a soldered and solderless solution, but what both of those require is not known. They also said that...
  7. W

    Solved  J-RP v2 NAND Read/Write Cable Thrown Away - Need a little help!

    Hello, wizards. I ordered myself a J-R Programmer V2 containing the JRP & three cables. I was attempting to RGH 1.2 my flashed Jasper, but after soldering the wires from the J-R Programmer to the correct spots, the power brick on my xbox 360 turned red as i plugged it in to read the nand. I got...
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