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  1. xStormsnoutx

    Mod Menu  [Beta Release] Heli Modification Menu - by xStormsnoutx

    Hello Guys, this might be one of my last release for this game. This is a menu i spent many hours on but im too busy to code stuff for this game. Normaly I want all my releases to be nearly 100% perfect before I hand them out but this time I was too demotivated to keep working. But this menu...
  2. 2

    Question  How can you add your own sco. Mod menus on the PS3?

    Hello I still play and mod around gta tbogt and tlad even if it’s very hard to come by to see any players these days. Maybe it’s the same method as for gta v. But how can I add my own sco. mod menu into my PS3 CFW Mod menu? I have a script and network.img files both are modded and work fine...
  3. zl2eAcTiVex

    Game Mods  Heli Crosshairs v1

    Sup Se7ensins Crew, Have A Heli Mod I Make Few Years Back.. Forgot All About It For Release, Maybe You still Have Fun With It. It Give The Heli A Crosshair In First View Or Left Side View, Spawn Buzzard Or Ani, And Rapidfire Option...
  4. C

    Solved  GTA IV Major distribution v13.1 download files (tbogt, TLAD, original) (RGH Xbox 360)

    I have been aware that there are not many tutorials showing people how to get major distribution v 13.1 working on all versions of GTA 4 included the lost and dammed (TLAD) for Xbox 360. here is the link for all 3 versions of GTA 4 for Xbox 360: virus scan...
  5. zl2eAcTiVex

    Update Motions97 v2.5 Compiler

    Sup Everyone, Updatet Motions97 v2.0 Compiler. Update v2.0 Include: New Theme & Layout, Quick Button Choice Option(Tools, Folder, Websites), String Encryptor(Gamertag To Hash) + Save And Clear Option. Update v2.5 Include: Removed...
  6. Token

    Game Mods  [RELEASE] GTA IV - Major Distribution V13.2 [UPDATED: 13/03/2019][XBOX/PS3]

    Major Distribution V13.2 (Last Updated: 13/03/2019) (Admin Edition + Super Network Ghost) I know it has been a while but we're now releasing a minor update to correct some bugs and improve the menu's performance! Make sure you read the changelog to see what's been updated. I have removed the...
  7. toofaces2

    NEW Map Mods [Console]

    Water Challange Download VirusScan ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Airport v2 Download VirusScan...
  8. toofaces2


    ___________________________________________________________________ Screenshot's ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Download // Virus Scan...
  9. toofaces2

    [REL] Buzzard Turbo Modus + Explosive Bullets

    PC|XBOX|PS3 BUZZARD TURBO MODUS with 4x Line and 2 Line is Explosive unstoppable Works with any Vehicles [Activate the Mod & Press (X) / (A) Button for Shot] Download // Virus Scan Credit: Blender88,Toofaces2,BLOODY Do not Release it without my Permission!
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