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  1. G

    Discussion  [XBOX360] Help system informations Id

    Hi, First of all please excuse me for my english. I'm new on this forum because I'm looking for an information about my Xbox 360. I would like to know if someone can tell me what serial numbers correspond to in the system information. Serial numbers in D, K, E, X, S, K. I know that the first...
  2. Xbox One July Update Out Now, Here's What It Does

    Xbox One July Update Out Now, Here's What It Does

    The next big update for Xbox One is out now, and it includes some changes to Xbox Game Pass and improved Alexa support for voice commands. Starting with the new Xbox Game Pass features, a new "Play Later" tab has been introduced. As its name suggests, this is a hub where you can add games as a...
  3. A

    Question  xBox 360 system update RGH

    Hi all, sorry for maybe dumb question, but havent found any info online, or maybe, searched wrong. Anyway, i own RGH xbox 360, running latest DashLaunch 3.19, FSD 3.0 rev 63, and installed 17526 system update. Ive noticed that im missing some features altrought ive updated everything i could...
  4. PS4 Update 6.02 Out Now, Here's What It Does

    PS4 Update 6.02 Out Now, Here's What It Does

    We hope you're ready for minor system performance enhancements because Sony has released a new PS4 firmware patch. Beyond the generic, single patch note, it's unclear precisely what this update, version 6.02 does. Either way, the update is available now. The patch weighs in at 447.4 MB, and...
  5. New PS4 Update Out Now, Here's What It Does

    New PS4 Update Out Now, Here's What It Does

    Another PS4 update is available right now in Europe, but don't expect it to do a whole lot. According to Sony's official patch notes, update 5.53-01 "improves system performance." This follows update 5.53, which was released recently and similarly didn't do much--except disclose more about the...
  6. Nintendo Switch Update Addresses Motion Control

    Nintendo Switch Update Addresses Motion Control

    Nintendo just released a minor system update for the Switch, aiming to fix issues with motion controls and user icons. Switch firmware version 5.0.2, which was released yesterday, April 16, offers “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience,” according to patch notes...
  7. L

    Solved  Help! Need assistance with KV & my RGH

    Okay guys so I bought a legit KV from a vendor. I did everything correct along the lines of capitals and putting it on my HDD. WHen I log on it gives me a pop up saying xbox system update required. I can't go on w/o this update & when I it yes after it finishes it gives me an error code...
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