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switch mod

  1. hebesupport

    News  ReiNX 3.0 for Nintendo Switch 7.0 firmwares

    The Switch 7.0.x firmware seems a little hard to crack, Reinx has finally released a beta 3.0 version for it, but it's still a early build, and for SX OS, still no more news. Quoted from elise (from the Discord server): 7.0.X release. This is an early build/release that uses sept. Some games...
  2. B


    Hello everyone! I understand the game has been our for several years. Just now getting into diablo and wondering if anyone has modded gear/weapons to spare. Xbox/Switch is preferred.
  3. cOOn

    Discussion  Team Xecuter coming to Nintendo Switch

    So, i guess it's a bit of old news since it was published on January 2nd: http://team-xecuter.com/team-xecuter-coming-to-your-nintendo-switch-console/ Team Xecuter confirmed that there will be a soldered and solderless solution, but what both of those require is not known. They also said that...
  4. Smokesumnoobs

    Discussion  Modded Nintendo Switch consoles(post pics here)

    I thought I would start it off since I had not seen one on here yet. Please post some pics. I would love to see what others are doing. Here is mine its not done yet but making progress https://s4.postimg.org/sp30brs2l/100_0515.jpg https://postimg.org/image/5e5rlv6st/
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