1. Refuge: Only One Can Survive

    Refuge: Only One Can Survive

    Introducing Refuge, a two-player survival game that brings a twisted take on classic hide and seek gameplay. The developers made the game with one simple goal in mind: kill the other player in whatever way you can. There will be many different ways to hunt down and brutally murder your opponent...
  2. enchantediamonds

    Bukkit  CrackedCraft[1.8+][24/7][Hub][Survival][Jobs][32GB Ram]

    Server Name: CrackedCraft Max Players: 100+ Server: Website and Forum: Rules: No Hacking, No Cheating, No Harassment, No Illegal Activity. Current Staff: Owner Staff Application (If recruiting): Now accepting applications...
  3. HamletCraft

    Vanilla  -=HamletCraft=- Semi-Vanilla, PvE, Mature, 1.8.8, Free to play

    Server Name: HamletCraft Max Players: 20 IP: Rules: 1. Please no advertising. 2. This is a mature server, respect all players. 3. Please no hacking. (When you hack it doesn't make the game anymore fun for anyone.) 4. Please don't ask staff for items. (Incase if you were...
  4. OfficialFFG

    Video  Sheering the booty! Hardcore Minecraft Survival episode 2!

    hey there guys and gals! Today I bring you episode 2 of my Hardcore Survival series! Today's we go exploring the local area and seeing what wildlife we discover. We also find our first bit of iron and I put it to excellent use! If you enjoy the video be sure to tap dat LIKE button like you tap...
  5. mathmattx

    Patched  [PS3 & X360 Only] Destroy Processed Survival: Easy Solo Method

    This is like shooting pigs in a barrel. This will allow you to beat Processed Survival with ease and completely solo. If done right you will take no hits at all. 1. Come to this spot and hide against wall. You cannot just walk into crease. 2. Look to your left then slide to the right and you...
  6. VitaDeditae

    All  Star Wars Battlefront Beta: CO-OP SURVIVAL!!!

    Lemmonhead & Antichrist jump into Tatooine as Rebels, and attempt to survive a Stormtrooper Invasion...Can we hold out?!?!?!
  7. "Noct" Your Average Horror Game

    "Noct" Your Average Horror Game

    A new gameplay trailer was released today demonstrating some of the features of the upcoming survival-horror game Noct. Noct is a 2D, top-down shooter game played in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with the entire world being viewed through thermal vision. It is being developed by Indie developer...
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