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  1. I

    Question  Need account fixed if possible

    I can’t remember when it happened but a couple of years ago I was in a modding lobby and the person who was modding kicked me out of the lobby and ever since that day I have not been able to access the barrack and my game gets stuck on an infinite loop when loading into a match it will take me...
  2. P

    Question  lost retail nand

    i lost my retail nand, but i have another xbox retail. can i flash that retail nand on my current console?
  3. fartbag

    Question  Does anybody have a list of the rockstar cloud server endpoints?

    Does anybody have the endpoints for rockstar's production server? I heard that you can mod console accounts like the big dogs just by knowing the REST api endpoints and the auth key. I would appreciate it very much!
  4. aSloppyHotdog

    Discussion  Xbox Modding Capabilities (No PC)

    -So I came across ALOT of comments on YouTube. Supposedly you can get mods on Borderlands 2 with the app called "8 Zip" on xbox however there hasn't been any videos about it. -If not then does anyone got a Xbox 360 or modded xbox of some kind for Borderlands 2 hybrid sync hybrid(s). ☆ -Xbox ...
  5. W

    Question  Setting player perks in a csharp program using JRPC

    Im making a csharp tool for myself and some friends and I wanted to know if anyone had a function that gives everyone in the lobby a specific perk.
  6. RonanL8

    Question  HELP. ISO. Gamesave.

    Hi all. ISO related support Just wondering if anyone knows if i install ISO mod such as (GTA IV. Dark Team) and i transfer/sync the gamesave to my Xbox One from the 360, Will the mods work and be able to play from the xbox one ?
  7. Ryankz11

    Question  Having troubles with custom GTA Singleplayer Blips (Minimap Icons)

    So, I wanna use custom blips in GTA, I've got a basic idea on how to do it, but it's kinda hard to do what I WANT it to do. ===Blips=== To help any expert modders, i might as well give a nice rundown, to make replies easier! Blips are the "markers / icons" in the GTA universe, on the...
  8. Professional

    Support  Unused Digital Xbox Game Manuals

    Here's some digital manuals I got for xbox games when I was doing research into the store, they are either unused or integrated into one of the old smartglass in some way or something I assume. Awesomenauts Assemble...
  9. G

    Question  fatal crash

    i got bf3 on disc but when i load the game up it gives me a fatal crash error and freeze can anyone help ?
  10. AnonymousGentleman

    Question  Saints Row: The Third Chunksum Fixer. [REQUESTED]

    I would like a new chunksum fixer for Saints Row The Third for XBox 360 & PS3. Jappi88 & Fairchild's chunksum fixer is old, outdated and broken. I want a updated chunksum fixer for the latest patch of the game. Itd be good if someone special can make this tool for me.
  11. AnonymousGentleman

    Support  Saints Row 2 Garage Editor [REQUESTED]

    I want someone to make a Saints Row 2 garage editor tool. I want to inject/extract vehicles from Saints Row 2 for PS3/XBox 360. I'd appreciate if anyone is dedicated to do this for me.
  12. [F2P] Paladins | Classic Team Based Shooter | Awesome 40k Damage Gameplay | Unstoppable

    [F2P] Paladins | Classic Team Based Shooter | Awesome 40k Damage Gameplay | Unstoppable

    Hey guys, if you haven't heard about Paladins, here's some footage for you to check out. It's a very fun free to play game available on the steam marketplace, its similar to games like valorant and overwatch. Perfect game to link up with friends and blow off some steam at the end of the day!
  13. D

    Discussion  Looking for a Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) PC Azza/Trickshot Mod Menu (.GSC)

    Title says it all; I can't find a .GSC azza/trickshot menu for PC MW3 (IW5 specifically). Seen a lot of console-based menus and a lot of GSCRs, but you can't inject GSCRs on plutonium. Thank you!
  14. A

    Question  Need help with getting other episodes of TWD season 2

    So basically a few days ago I downloaded twd season 2 and started to play, around an hour in it ended and I realised I was playing the demo version on my rgh so since then I have looked everywhere for a way to get these episodes but I have no clue what I’m doing. When I go onto the episodes it...
  15. ALCastaldo

    Question  New KV won’t upload to console

    Hi All! For the last 4 hours, I’ve been trying to upload my NEW unbanned KV to my RGH. I’ve updated to the newest dashboard, I’ve reflashed the NAND with the new KV, and I’ve tried putting the KV on the HDD root with cpukey and restarting console but nothing is happening. My new KV is definitely...
  16. D

    Question  GTA online time out session

    Hi , I noticed a lot with the same problem so hopefully you can help me. Every time I go to log in online the same message pops up “session timed out locating session”. I have done everything deleted account, new account, checked connection everything. please help it’s doing my head in Thanks Dan
  17. H

    Solved  GTAV Badsport In 2020

    I’m in badsport on gta v for 1 month, any suggestions on how to get out?
  18. Tohzees


    I have a SNES Classic Mini and my son and I have beaten all the games that came on the console. I've seen things about adding games using hackchi. I installed the program, have dumped kernal, added the Roms I have and added them to the console. The games appear on the console as intended, but on...
  19. R

    Solved  Kingpin mod menu help

    My friend bought Kingpin, he shared the license key with 2 other people, and it worked just fine. But when I try it, it says activation failed (in the injector(downloading the mod with the key still works)). Is this limited to 3 persons or what?
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