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  1. Y

    Question  Bo2 force host isnt working

    So, yeah im still trying to play bo2 w mods online in 2020, but yeah. My force host inst working propperly, il go into a custom game and enable force host there, end the game and go to public, and here the problem comes on, so it wont even let me join a perfectly empty lobby, im stuck in never...
  2. K

    Solved  Give cars 2 people way. TM-02 stuck

    So I stored the TM-02 in my moc but I can’t move it to garage? When I pull a car out of a garage and take it to the back of the moc it won’t transfer. It says like the vehicle cannot be transferred
  3. X

    Discovery  Fix for stuck at 999

    Now I am not going to share this info unless there is actually people with this same issue but I found a method for 100% getting level 1000 to stick after you get off the game as I finally reached it my self and did 5 of my friends account as well.
  4. B

    Question  GTA V 1.27 Can’t get out of online tutorial race

    So i have this problem we’re i create a character and then start the online tutorial and the race starts so as soon as the race has ended I get my cash my rp but then as soon as that ends my game keeps showing the street as if you just finished the race my mod menu works fine it can scroll but...
  5. peanutismint

    Solved  GTA V stuck on loading screen... Title updates in Aurora??

    I have Grand Theft Auto 5 ripped from my own disc but when it boots it gets stuck on one of the intro loading screens with the cop and the chick (looks like this) and just freezes. I can quit back to Freestyle Dash (Aurora actually) from the home button menu but nothing I do gets past that...
  6. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Replacing a Completly Broken Disc Drive.

    Hello everyone I bought Trinity Xbox 360 and the disc drive is stuck open. What I know a gear is missing in the drive. It is a Lite-On drive. I plan to rgh this console myself in the future.
  7. Zazii

    Solved  ⚠️⚠️RGH POWERS ON BUT WONT BOOT⚠️⚠️

    So I've been in the modding community for about 4-5 years, and I've never had this issue, I don't wanna talk about my whole life story so let me get into the issue. My console was working fine until I unplugged everything for about 4-5 days and then when trying to boot, it will power on, but...
  8. B

    Question  bo2 stuck xp lvl 55

    on xp lobbys whenever i hit lvl 55 i cant ever get any xp after it and my bar is just stuck and stays the same no matter how many times i join the lobby back,any suggestions?
  9. RaReMoDzYT

    Solved  NiNJA is Not working for me

    I'm having a issue connecting to NINJA I get stuck on boot logo all the time but when I try any other server it works fine! Can anyone help me please?
  10. AllAroundModher

    Solved  RGH Boot Issue

    My rgh is having a problem booting; with plugins in. If i are to put xbdm in the console will stay on the boot logo; and just stay there forever; it will freeze and just stay frozen. If i put in a blank launch.ini the console will boot; but as soon as i put plugins back in the console will not...
  11. AllAroundModher

    Solved  Console stuck on boot logo

    Hey guys, my RGH; Corona, is stuck on the boot logo, and occasionally it will turn off. Any way on how to fix this? i enabled pingpatch then rebooted and it wouldnt boot after.
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