1. O

    Solved  Upgrade & Transfer from 250GB to 500GB HDD

    Hi! After RGH'ing my Xbox 360 slim and filling the original 250GB HDD to the rim with games and DLC's I managed to get my hand on a 500GB HDD (from a 360 Slim E). The question then is how do I transfer/clone all the files from the 250GB to the 500GB one? I've read about using the official 360...
  2. R

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 won't update

    Hey, my modded Xbox just won't update. I tried everything. Apparently my MU is corrupted. Sometimes when I boot up the console the MU appears as not formatted. Formatting takes longer than it should, and sometimes freeze the console. I can't manage to install the update in other unit like a...
  3. Captain Pocky

    Working  AVOID DEAD SPOTS -- A Guide to Vehicle Storage & "Any PV Any Garage" Glitches

    Hello all, Recently I have seen a lot of people trying to figure out what is causing their dead spots and I therefore thought I would create a thread dedicated to the things I have learned about dead spots & the way this game saves vehicles. This guide is broken down into background...
  4. Nintendo Delays 64 GB Switch Card

    Nintendo Delays 64 GB Switch Card

    Nintendo Switch game cards currently have a capacity of 32 GB, which is potentially limiting for some titles. According to a new Wall Street Journal report, Nintendo is planning to release 64 GB cards for the system, but they won't launch on time. The report claims that Nintendo wanted to...
  5. AllAroundModher

    Solved  is there a RGH Storage open Software?

    Heyo, i have a problem.. So i was having a problem with my RGH earlier; where it wouldnt boot. Donezo it was fixed Now; i really f'd up lol. I was having a problem with neighborhood. so my initial reaction was too take out XBDM and re-install it. So i take out XBDM.xex; thinking that...
  6. AllAroundModher

    Solved  Program that let you edit the hard drive?

    Does anyone know if there is a program that will let me open my RGHs storage? like open and edit stuff; just make stuff easier; basically a program that acts as a console. Let me know <3
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