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  1. L

    Question  Fake Gold playable games?

    hello, I have a stealth with fake gold spoofing. that means i can only play cods above bo2 (incl. Bo2) and other games but like gta 5 and gta 4 i can play online but i cant find sessions with players. my question is does somebody know good games that can be played online with fake gold or does...
  2. mycrowsoft

    Paid Service  xbGuard | Black Ops 2 Engine Released

    xbGuard stealth service Currently in free mode until January 1st Features include: Appstore (Homebrew) Game Saves Library (Download modded game saves directly to your account) Module Library (Download & automatically load modules onto your console) UI Sharing (Share your user interface or...
  3. Proto

    Release  | FREE | Proto Stealth Service | JTAG/RGH/XDK | Requires XBL Gold

    5,500+ Total Users | 1,400+ Monthly Users Current version: 2.4 What is Proto? Written from scratch using pure research and combined knowledge, Proto is a free Xbox Live Stealth service that aims to deliver the best experience. Proto has seamless support for connecting your JTAG/RGH/XDK to Xbox...
  4. M

    Question  Downloading updates without a stealth server?

    I don't want to play online multiplayer, I only want to go online to download updates for games. is this possible without a stealth server? or will I still get banned? I'm aware of sites like unity where you can get updates, but not all updates are there.
  5. Art Heist (Part two) } Payday 2 Online Coop | Very Hard | Mod Showcase

    Art Heist (Part two) } Payday 2 Online Coop | Very Hard | Mod Showcase

    Thanks for checking out the second part of my art heist walkthrough! this is the vanilla heist with several must have mods, such as Hotline Miami Mod, Third Person, Legendary Armor Skins, Custom Guns and Attachments + More!
  6. [Steam Summer Sale Highlight] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (85% Off)

    [Steam Summer Sale Highlight] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (85% Off)

    Catch this classic Stealth style Action RPG for less than $5 USD only until July 8. Available on the Steam market place for only $4.49 USD, a total of 85% off the retail price. You literally cannot beat this deal, this game is a must have for anyone who hasn't copped it yet.
  7. Jbbrack03

    Question  Noob questions about setting up a Stealth Server

    I have an RGH Trinity running the latest Dash. I'm considering trying out a Stealth Server so that I can play my HD games online. I'm not really interested in cheats or anything like that. Just going on Xbox Live the same way a retail console would. I understand the concept of a stealth server...
  8. AsvpMoe

    Question  Stealth Server Won’t load up [SOLVED]

    Hey, i just had a problem with a stealth server i downloaded and i was wondering what could be wrong? i’m banned rn but when i plug-in ninja it loads and boots up fine and i get all the notifs at the bottom, but when i plugin shield it doesn’t load the server, the xbox boots up perfectly fine...
  9. A

    Discussion  REQ Free Stealth Xbox Live

    Hi, I have an Xbox 360 with rgh mod, and it has never been connected to the live, so it is not banned. I would like to know how to play online without any risk. I am looking for a free way to play online, a free stealth service and a free way to play xbox Live. Thanks.
  10. L

    Stealth money drop lobby, trying to get everyone invited 2,5k bags

    No longer Hosting 1.Do NOT spend/bank money in this lobby 2.Do NOT deposit your money in to your bank 3.Dont report me or anyone in the lobby 4.Do not ask for extra money. 5.Enter to passive mode after joining server 6.Do not invite your friends. 7.Do not use your own mods 8.Do not kill other...
  11. Hard man

    Solved  RGH Fatal crash

    Need help to solve this. when i use a different stealth server for example XBLBallin.xex my rgh works and loads the screen but when i try to use teapot emulated. it fatal crashes at the logo screen. i have done it many times i put a fresh launch.ini on and it works. but it never works with...
  12. Tommyb008

    Solved  Crashing when opening Friendslist, Party, Messages.

    I just got my rgh the other day and I have everything set up. But whenever I open (Friendslist, Party, Messages) My console will freeze, then crash. I've tried a couple stealth servers. Factory resetting, disabiling everything in dash launch, clearing cache, And I'm at a loss There is 0 forums...
  13. X

    Solved  Stealth

    Anyone have a full list of Xbox live stealth servers. Just want to do a full comparison,etc. Thanks!
  14. S

    Xbox 360 stealth server wont allow clients to fully connect

    Hello there. I have compiled a stealth server and everything seems to be working, etc... I'm using the Shadow OG Stealth source code (leaked). I install the xex as a plugin in dashlaunch and try to connect by turning Xbox on. In the server console, there is an error: (IP-removed) has crashed...
  15. R

    Solved  Stealth Help

    Hi All I'm hoping someone can help I'm trying to add stealth to my mod but i can't seem to get any of these working. Function.Call<bool>(Hash.IS_PED_FACING_PED, Guard, Game.Player.Character,90) Function.Call<bool>(Hash._0x6CD5A433374D4CFB, Guard, Game.Player.Character) //_CAN_PED_SEE_PED Cheers
  16. L

    Solved  New to RGH, Neighborhood wont find xbox

    I just bought my RGH on amazon, and have xex downloaded, and mw2 installed. I know nothing about modding and my liveblock is enabled because i dont want to get banned. I have xballin installed on my xbox but its not in my plugins, my plugins are all empty. I just want to get online on a...
  17. XBL Gavin

    Solved  Freezing at Boot Logo Help?

    Hello. So yesterday i was playing completely fine then i put a new menu on dash launch for Gta V and i turn my console off to take i break then when i go back online my console does not even boot up. I said eh this happens some times so i just turned it off and turned it back on. Then it did the...
  18. I

    Solved  Stealth help please!

    Hey, I never posted before so I don't know if I'm doing it right. Anyway I just switched my stealth from ballin to ninja last week, but every time it get online with ninja it instantly bans my kv I put in and it says fatal crash intercepted. Then my console just freezes... My plugins are right...
  19. BathWater

    Solved  Where can I find info on stealth servers besides NiNJA?

    Since it's against policy to ask about which servers are the best, where on Se7enSins can I find information on the existing ones? I've watched a million videos on how to install NiNJA, but I don't want to spend money if I don't have to.
  20. Klipp

    Question  How easy is it to get banned ?

    So i have just ordered my first rgh and i have been looking at things about it, i know about kvs but how easy is it to get banned but more importantly if i were to go into a Private Lobby In black ops 2 zombies and mess around with some mods with my friend what is the possibility of me getting...
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