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  1. B

    Discussion  Reset my stats

    Hello guys. I was playing COD 4 and I got hacked. now, I can’t level up the game anymore. can someone reset my status? my gamer tag is: BzK Ronaldao i'm on xbox 360. thank you very much to anyone who can help me
  2. HyPr_Strafe

    Cyber Attack Boosting

    Hosting a boosting lobby, 2 controllers mandatory and mic preferred. Post psn or Activision id below and I will add.:cigar:
  3. Lukasz4282

    Zombies stat editor ?

    Im looking for any PC zombie stats editor so I can reset my rank/ change my rank. I know its late but anything will help :)
  4. Fortnite Server Issues Resulting In Queues As In-Game Stats Disabled

    Fortnite Server Issues Resulting In Queues As In-Game Stats Disabled

    Following the launch of a pair of updates this week, Fortnite is suffering from some server problems today. These are causing players to wait in queues, and while Epic is working on the situation, there's another matter to be aware of on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. After the 3.4.1 patch was...
  5. Star Wars Battlefront II's New Season Of DLC Announced

    Star Wars Battlefront II's New Season Of DLC Announced

    EA DICE is working on a "revamped progression system" for Star Wars Battlefront II. In a blog post, the company said it is preparing "significant changes to progression that will address many of the things we've seen players asking for," with more details coming in March. Before that, Star Wars...
  6. X

    Sloth's FREE MW2 Challenge Lobby | FROZEN CLASS FIX ✅ UNLOCK ALL ✅ PRESTIGE & RANK ✅

    Hello, Se7ensins. MW2 Modded lobby. You will get the following - Frozen class / stats fix, Max prestige, Max level, Unlock ALL, Color class names, Legit stats. ================================================== All of this is free because a lot of people de-rank or in general f**k with players...
  7. C

    Patched  BO2 2 Person Bot Lobby: How do you make stats stick all the time?

    So I have been doing bot lobby where you can get XP in custom games. I do the 2 person bot lobby glitch where I have 2 controllers in the game and nobody else except for bots. So when I'm finished what I do is: Press the Guide Button (Big Xbox button) on my 2nd controller and switch profiles...
  8. Robby Tramonto


    Hello, my question is, does someone have or know a working Black Ops 2 Tool wich can change the League Rank in black ops 2 liga? for recoverys and this stuff? - and yes -> Xbox 360 [RGH ]
  9. Soldier

    Discussion  Stats for IW and MWR are NOT getting reset at launch.

    What a surprise support was wrong again :tongue: Source Red tagging you so you can update your post.
  10. P

    Solved  Fixing Corrupt Profile

    This happened years ago, I went into an Xbox Live zombies match and someone corrupted my profile so it's stuck at prestige 10 level 1. It corrupted my entire profile so that my online progress never saves. Whenever I play online and then go back to the main menu or restart the game, a popup...
  11. Filloti

    Discussion  Battlefield 1 - All Primary Weapon Stats

    Below in the picture, you will find EVERY weapon in the Medic, Support, Recon and Assault class. If this post gets seen enough times I will post one with the Secondary, Vehicles and Misc weapons. Enjoy - Filloti.
  12. MrNiato

    [RELEASE] Black ops 3 Zombie Stats Tool (Unlock All 100% Clean, Weapons & Gobblegum Editor & More)

    Hello there, Today I release my first tool on Black ops 3 for Zombie Mode. Features : -Complete Stats Editing. -Clean & Complete Unlock All (No error / freeze) -Weapons & Gobblegum Complete Editor Video : Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/sql3k6cl99ovr8r/Black+ops+3+By+MrNiato.zip VS...
  13. Plan Out Your Fallout 4 Character!

    Plan Out Your Fallout 4 Character!

    Anyone that has played any game in the Fallout series knows about the tantalizing amount of time that can be spent customizing their characters. What about all of the thought that goes into planning stats, perks, and specialties before players are actually able to start their game? Some people...
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