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start up

  1. S

    Discussion  So, I'm experiencing some issues with the game...

    So, I'm having to issues with my Borderlands 2 on my Xbox 360. First of all, whenever I start up the game, instead of auto-starting the character I last played as, it will always bring up ons of my Level 72 Maya saves. This makes farming especially frustrating, as I constantly have to wait for...
  2. AllAroundModher

    Solved  RGH Boot Issue

    My rgh is having a problem booting; with plugins in. If i are to put xbdm in the console will stay on the boot logo; and just stay there forever; it will freeze and just stay frozen. If i put in a blank launch.ini the console will boot; but as soon as i put plugins back in the console will not...
  3. Quacked

    Solved  GTA V Start up glitch?

    Hello Se7ensins I am having trouble with GTA V on my PS4 whenever I try to start it up I get a message that says this 'please check your game system power save settings to ensure your system will not power off during install. You can check your setting in Settings / Power Saving Settings / Set...
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