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  1. I

    Question  4.84 Dex console Sprx's not loading?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, the quick rundown is recently downgraded to 4.84 Dex from 4.88 Evilnat specifically to run sprx's.....as far as i can tell no issues im able to get online using rebug BUT i cannot get any sprx menu's to load ive tried everything i can think of watched...
  2. PhoenlxRC

    Question  Help: how can I load images on-screen with a SPRX plugin?

    so just like the title says, assuming I was to load a menu of different sizes using tiles(the same way the game loads GUIs), and loading the .png images as the tiles, I was wondering how I would go about rendering images. assuming I know where the tile textures are located.
  3. L

    Question  Need Help With SPRX C++

    So i would like to know how to lock buttons while a menu is open, i know it uses SDK Functions but i can't seem to find the address needed to hook too, so if anyone can help me out that would be great, ty (by lock buttons i mean cant press anything on the GAME while scrolling the menu.)
  4. R

    Question  New To sprx help need bo2 code for menu!

    I've just started making my own black ops 2 sprx menu. It's a pre lobby menu with an ingame menu also that works and I want to add a recovery section to the pre lobby menu but I just cant seem to figure out how to change the level or prestige by one the offset for level I think is this...
  5. PPRX


    Today i decided to release black screen protection source code to public. Xbox version was released by sockstress but no one cares about PS3. Includes BLUS and BLES offsets. Enjoy :biggrin: void TN_Stub(int r3, int r4) { __asm("li 3, 0"); } int TN_Hook(int r3, int r4) {...
  6. PPRX

    Game Mods  (RELEASE) GTA:IV OSK (On Screen Keyboard) Name Changer

    Hi Guys. I will release on screen keyboard name changer here. this name changer was made more than a year ago. since this osk name changer was created as POC, it contains some bugs... If my memory is correct, it only works with BLUS. When you are in the game, OSK opens with L1 + L3 + SQUARE...
  7. D

    Question  out of bounds in theater mode ?

    hey everyone, I'm looking for some one to help me out with something : can someone create a sprx which would delete the bounds in the theater mode, then the camera would be able to go everywhere. Also I look for some one to create a little gsc menu which spawns fxs and models (included in the...
  8. M

    Question  I think I finally need some help... PS3 JB GTA V Mods kind of works, crashes, always from prologue

    Hey everybody. Sorry to be the guy that signs up to make a post, but that's where I'm at. I always do what I can to try to figure things out on my own, but this time, I need a little help. I will first type the short and sweet, then a little bit more in depth. I have a cech2001A running 4.82...
  9. toofaces2

    Mod Menu  [RELEASE] GTA 5 Eboot.bin (DEX/1.27)

    Eboot.bin - BLES 1.27 - Debug (DEX) - Cash Drop - Anti Ban - Script Bypass - XMB Crash Fix - Vehicle Freeze Protection - Anti Cheater Reports Open Sprx Menu with: - GTA.sprx - Gtamenu.sprx - Lexicon.sprx - Polynesia.sprx - Power.sprx VirusScan Credits: Kryptus, zundappchef, toofaces2
  10. NeverEnding

    Question  [PS3]COD Ghosts Extinction Teeth Mods

    I am about to buy a PS3 and jailbreak it with the new exploit. I wanted to know if there is any way to mod teeth into COD Ghosts. I am new to modding, but know my way around a little. If anyone knows an RTM, SPRX, recovery, or any other type of mod I do not know about that changes teeth value...
  11. PPRX

    [BLUS / CFW] SPRX Button Monitoring (C++)

    Hi Se7ensins :smile: Today I Release SPRX Monitoring Sample Code. This is Just Button Monitoring. Reference This Code for Make Your Own SPRX Menu. BLUS Button Address: 0x018524B0 R3 = 0x00040000 L3 = 0x00020000 R1 = 0x00000008 L1 = 0x00000004 R2 = 0x00000002 L2 = 0x00000001 Square =...
  12. Msr Mods

    Question  Gta 5 Sprx Not loading

    I Got a 4.80 Dex Rebug and the first time I loaded the game Gta 5 it worked fine but now won't load the menus any help I would like to know ASAP because I love modding Gta with gnxks
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