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  1. Federiko11

    Solved  [PS4] How to fix Dead Spot

    Hi, Unlikely doing this glitch (https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/mod-your-svw-special-vehicles-rc-bandito-method.1771646/) I won a death spot on arena garage. Now I have a modded rocket voltic but also a useful car spot. I remember that a lot of time ago I tried to restore the same...
  2. Captain Pocky

    Working  AVOID DEAD SPOTS -- A Guide to Vehicle Storage & "Any PV Any Garage" Glitches

    Hello all, Recently I have seen a lot of people trying to figure out what is causing their dead spots and I therefore thought I would create a thread dedicated to the things I have learned about dead spots & the way this game saves vehicles. This guide is broken down into background...
  3. Captain Pocky

    Solved  Dead Spots in Hanger from Aircraft to SVW

    So I've had 3 dead spots in my hanger for a while from being dumb with the aircraft to SVW glitches. They all happened the same way: When I fly a Pegasus vehicle in, the spots don't show up. When I try to purchase any plane over the spots, it just says "Purchase failed". Could the spots still...
  4. J

    Solved  Dead/Ghost spot Phenomena Hub - Let's bring it to the table!

    Dead spots A.K.A Ghost spots are unusable car slots in the garages. For example, you may have a 10 car garage and you can't use one or more spots as they are indicating that they are empty but you can't store a street car on it or purchase a new vehicle on it. This a very disturbing issue and it...
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