1. Ro0ti

    Tools  LetsNuke Bans v1.3 | Anticheats | HWID/Serial Number Changer w/ Memory Cleaning [BIOS]

    Seeing as bits and pieces of my code was leaked around, here is the full tool. This one is compiled to be easy to use. [COMPLETELY UNDETECTED] [RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR] Decided to work on some different projects so here is a gift. We come equipped to work under different environments, We...
  2. Professional

    Tools  17559 XAM Gamertag Spoofer

    I created this XAM gamertag spoofer for the dashboard 17559 which Microsoft released not long ago. Download - Scan (False positives but it isn't obfuscated or encrypted so you can check if you want and I am uploading the source later.) It works on all Halo games, a few Call of Duty games among...
  3. XF CH3WY

    [REL] XF CH3WY's Name Changer

    Hello everyone. This name changer is like no other. There are some funny preset names as well as user input. This allows keyboard input for faster gamertag entry. You can completely customize your gamertag by going between the pages adding colors, symbols, special characters, and blips. I hope...
  4. HyPr_Strafe

    Unsolved  OldSchoolMods xuid Spoofer Crash

    I am using OldSchoolMods' xuid spoofer... I will load up bo2 click spoof sign out sign back in and it'll say it has been spoofed... but then the game will crash and bring me to the dashboard any way I could fix this?
  5. Axx9844


    There are many tools you can use but I prefer BO2 Account Spoofer by XBOX360LSBEST and R34sMods Free Bo2 Tool. What you wana do is quit bo2-connect to their account-Launch bo2- do the recovery-play 2 games and get at least 10 kills in each-relaunch game make sure it saved-pet a cat(Optional)
  6. Immense

    OSM BO2 Spoofer xex (REVERSED)

    DWORD WINAPI MainThread(LPVOID) { HANDLE module; VOID address; char* buffer; *(BYTE*)0x90F12204 = 0; if(*(BYTE*)0x90F143A8 != 0) { while(*(BYTE*)0x90F143A8 == 0) { XexGetModuleHandle("xam.xex", &module); XexGetProcedureAddress(module, 0x1CF, &address); DWORD r3 =...
  7. Professional

    Tools  17526 Gamertag spoofer for Halo Reach

    Download - Scan SRC Download - SRC Scan Development watched me do this in like 5 minutes or less. SlayingSR There you go.
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