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  1. 8

    Question  DG-16D4S board spoof as DG-16D5S

    I have an rgh3 slim with no drive, I have extracted the nand files and its showing as a DG-16D5S drive with 1175 firmware, I have a board from a DG-16D4S drive with 1071 firmware which is an MXIC chip that I have unlocked to 0x00 status, is it possible to flash the drive and spoof it as the...
  2. Ottocoid

    Question  Convert a basic account into Live on RGH without stealth server

    Hi! I want to create an Xbox Live account on RGH without stealth server or probably convert an existing one into a Live account. I don't want to use the Fakelive or Autolive function.
  3. DropChains

    Question  How Do I Play Call Of Duty BO2 With A CFW? (Any Help Would Be Appreciated

    Hey Guy's, So I Recently Jailbroke With The New Exploit, This My First Jailbreak So Sorry If I Am Being Stupid But I Tried To Pirate Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, I Successfully Downloaded It With No Problems At All But Here Is My Problem: I Fully Converted From CEX To DEX Although To Be Able to...
  4. Otishuff

    Video  If COD infinite warfare was a movie

    I found this on YouTube. It's some funny stuff for sure.
  5. Rebug7s

    Solved  Easiest Method of Spoofing MAC Address on RGH

    I recently got an RGH, I bought a lifetime stealth with OG stealth from RippedRobby and GoldenModz bought all of my unshared KVs keep getting banned (7 have been banned in two days, all purchased from BlasterKVs). I also bought Project XDX so I believe it doesnt have a KV stealer in the tool. I...
  6. SucoVidya

    Video  GTAV Parodies/Satire Thread

    I've been digging through the [search] to find some parodies & satire. Lets consolidate them into one thread.
  7. eph

    Solved  KVs don't work

    For the sake of this thread not getting removed for breaking rules, I will just name the services I used as stealth Stealth Service 1 and Stealth Service 2. So let's begin. I was on Stealth Service 1 for a long time, loved it, loved KV life, whatever. However I saw that another stealth service...
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