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  1. Israel Velazquez

    Discovery  Godmode possibility?

    xbox 1. Started fish dupe glitch so did my friend. 2.he hit the fish glitch was selling it over. 3. I came to the butcher to hit the glitch but failed for me but as soon as I failed the fish got stuck in my friends hands he could no longer stow it it would just respawn back in his hand 4. I...
  2. C

    Solved  Vehicle Sell Limit Bypass Methods?

    Hello, I've been using a bypass method to sell my duped cars without limit. I shared this method on another thread before, so to save myself some time from explaining it, here's a quote: Recently my method has been sorta patched. They removed the sign out option altogether from the Social Club...
  3. TheXeMike

    300+ kills a game Speculation

    So on groundwar there is a spot on the map you can place your tac and It will make you Spawn on the enemy side and you can just keep spawning there so you can keep killing them over and over So if 6 people place there tac there and spawn right there that’s 6 kills each spawn . What y’all think...
  4. Blade Stride

    Discovery  Moze iron bear flying glitch (SPECULATION)

    Alright so I was starting a new Moze character and I had went through the part with claptrap getting his *** stuck to the front of sanctuary, what I had did was deploy my iron bear and when it finished I was magically floating in sanctuary which carried through load zones. I could also gain...
  5. Catchablefire4

    Discovery  Casino Mission Glitch

    in the casino when starting up the fourth mission I continued to leave each mission so I could become host but, on one occasion I got glitched to where my screen was frozen on the bouncer Infront of the door but I was able to move around via watching the minimap. For this to happen I got a...
  6. Pixelz

    Discovery  Black Out Spectating glitch

    During a match of black out with a squad of three one of us had died. It was last 10 player with 2 of us alive. The other one alive had lagged out. My third member of the team was spectating him as he lagged out. This allowed him to be able to spectate another team and basically tell me where...
  7. C

    Patched  Recover Lost Duped Cars Speculation

    I just started up the Rescue Agent 14 portion of the doomsday heist and saw something surprising. A while back I duped a bunch of x80 Protos but screwed up saving them. I had spent so much time already on the glitch that I gave up. Well... at the choose custom car part for the heist it listed...
  8. Ghostly Silence

    Discovery  Speculation prestige glitch

    as someone has previously posted they had a friend that UI Stacked and prestiged twice in 3 mins. I have found a UI Stack that I believe could lead to another prestige glitch just need some to help further thisThe UI stack is involving Weapon prestige
  9. Luganoff

    Solved  Invisible C.E.O. name ?

    Hi Last time, I was playing in a random lobby and then I saw a CEO, and his org. name was invisible like " " and I would like to know how to do this. Then when I will activate ghost org., no one will see my org. name, and then people won't know who has activated ghost org. Sorry for bad english :p
  10. E

    Discovery  Accounts Merged

    While switching between my two account i ended up on my main account but had lost all my classes and and gun variants but had my second accounts classes and amory credits. I am unsure on how to recreate this or how i was able to do it in the first placem
  11. Sasori

    Discovery  WEAR ANY UNIFORM ON ANY CLASS [Speculation w/evidence]

    Currently I'm not aware how to replicate this, but feel that this may be something people want to dig deeper into. I currently have an Armored uniform stuck on my Infantry. I've reset the app multiple times/been in and out of games and lobbies and the uniform has stuck. I was changing...
  12. Navy Davey

    Patched  Combination of MOC / CEO garage; Possibilities!

    Im sure many have noticed vehicles glitching out in their CEO garages. I personally have spawned inside of my APC and insurgent custom. It is happening when I have a vehicle in the MOC and I leave and store it in my CEO garage. 1. Drive vehicle into MOC 2. Leave MOC and drive into CEO garage 3...
  13. T

    Patched  Possible Duplication i need some verification

    I created a new character today and bought the apartment near the docks, an apartment i had once owned on my main character. I just came out of my apartment into the garage and i have a number of cars i had previously sold on my main account such as an adder which sold for full price. I...
  14. AMD Magnum - Could This Mystery Product Help AMD?

    AMD Magnum - Could This Mystery Product Help AMD?

    Even after the release of the 300 series, AMD has been fighting an uphill battle to maintain their company values. Most of the recent AMD news has been about the declining of sales, the loss of employees, or their financial struggles. Needless to say, things just seem to not be going AMD’s way...
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