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  1. G

    Discovery  MP 2 SP, For a second. (POSSIBLE GOODNESS, Needs work.)

    Hi. Been messing around with this most of the afternoon I can recreate it every time. Notice my MP money loading into SP, +$150,000 I believe its possible some kind of money glitch could happen here, that $150,000 is payment from the property I own in SP. But since as you can see, I have...
  2. G

    Discovery  Recent Activities in DM + SP internet carry - DMO/SP-MP Discussion

    Hi, I've been trying to unravel the two holy grails, DMO + SP2MP with some interesting results. As 2/3 of these steps already exist on Se7ensins (under locked threads) I've created a new one with detailed steps of all 3 potential starts i've been working on, definitely something to work with...
  3. KingTravie420

    Solved  How can I get a Bike in Car slot

    What can I do with this at the moment any idea......?
  4. FiercestTiger

    Discovery  Thoughts to bring singleplayer online (SaveWizard)

    I know this was done with GTAV so, would it be possible to bring your singleplayer money online? Just a theory.
  5. C

    Patched  Potential GC2F Glitch

    So you are able to cancel animations with the new so to mp glitch Step 1. Enter the sp garage with an oppressor if you don't own one buy one as franklin because Michael and Trevor can't Step 2. Join a mission through the pause menu Step 3. And now you spawn on the surface.Since it's opressor...
  6. M

    Solved  SP TO MP FOR PC

    Hi all again, I need someone to link me a video or dunno a thread here in the forum or whatever with sp2mp for pc ,coz all I found were for ps4 and xbox (I need to move a moto from sp to mp,or use my sp money to buy some things I need to make a glitch to make this bike in mp) if u know an other...
  7. Crazedslaw

    Patched  Potential SP2MP Workaround

    Thanks to Se7enAventador for the initial steps which led to the discovery of a 2 minute time out alert delay Original steps for PS4: 1- do old SP2MP where you get 1 star and as advised once Franklin raises his hands, press option and go to creator 2- as soon as you saw joining GTA Online...
  8. Toots magoots

    Patched  Next gen only sp to mp money glitch give to friends updated 9/15/15

    I will try to keep new glitches posted to this original thread.will not be able to change title so check back daily for new vids/etc.pages for new vids will be posted at bottom of this post. All credits will be given as applicable. As you all may now there was a video posted a few weeks ago on...
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