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    Unsolved Jtag won’t boot into fsd

    I recently installed a menu and I’m sure that’s why my jtag has not been booting into freestyle dashboard and I try pressing the power button and then pressing the eject button and I could hear the fan whirling up as it usually does when it go to the freestyle dashboard but after the fan whirls...
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    Unsolved Broken PRG/NOR switch on CR Rev C clone

    I flashed my rev c for better boot times. I switched it back to NOR and plugged it in and no power LED and no glitches. I found that if I played with the program switch it would briefly light back up, indicating it was loose. My efforts to get it to stay lit were ruined because the switch came...
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    Unsolved X360ACE V3 / Corona V3 / Strange behavior (W/ Video)

    Hi. A few things. I'm new to the RGH scene and modded my first Xbox 360 Slim Corona v3 with an X360ACE v3. I am very pleased to see an active community here. :smile: The installation worked and I have most things setup the way I want. But I am witnessing some strange behaviors from the Ace...
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    Solved unreleased T-shirts?

    Hi Sinners. Anyone that can tell me if these are unreleased shirts or not? I've always collected special shirts on both my characters and after the casino update, my female character has 10 shirts more than my male. I can't recall R* advertising any of these but I can be wrong. Regards.
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    Unsolved XEXmenu freeze on launching xex files

    Hi all, I have an RGH'ed Xbox 360 Trinity an can boot into Xexmenu, both 1.1 and 1.2. However when I try to launch Aurora or a game from my USB flash drive, I get stuck on a black screen and it freezes. Also my internal MU is not showing up in Xexmenu, only my USB and flash memory. Im on dash...
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    Solved Saving ps2 games when using webman

    hello I tried looking online but can’t find anything but can anyone help me I’m playing PS2 games and loading them via Webman but for some reason the memory cards are not loading or working yes I have virtual ones setup in the thingy they are assigned but loading the games in webman and they are...
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    Unsolved PS3 freezing when starting a game

    I just purchased a prejailbroken PS3 on eBay. It came with BO1 and 2 already downloaded on it (no disk). When I try to load it after launching mm, I’ll setup the PSNstealth thing then use the other program that you just press “X” after it loads but when I try to open the game, my consol freezes...
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    Solved Rgh e71 error

    I decided to pull out my old rgh and get it online and as soon as i went to load gta and selected the default.exe it gave me e71 then upon trying bo2 same thing. I havnt been on the console in 2 months everything is up to date, and when i got on before taking my 2 month stop it worked perfectly...
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    Unsolved ccapi and filezilla wont connect to ps3

    hey, once i had to reformat my hard drive as i could do nothing on it just a black screen but after i fixed it re installed rebug 4.81.2 i got some homebrew apps like multiman, psn patch, psninja ect but when i tryed to transfer some games over to my ps3 by filezilla (as they had deleted) but it...
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    Solved New system update? what do?

    Turned on console and it says there is a new system update and if i dont install i wont beable to connect to xbox live. what do i do?
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