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  1. NightlyPower

    Video  Solo GTA Online Duffel Bag Glitch After Patch 1.46

    Solo GTA Online Duffel Bag Glitch After Patch 1.46 Text Tutorial 1. Request Terrorbyte 2. Become a CEO or MC president 3. Go into the Terrorbyte and start the mission Robbery in Progress 4. Go to the bank and take the duffel bag 5. Go to the delivery spot and parachute on the yellow circle...
  2. T

    Patched  Solo Public Session (Private Public Work lobby)

    Not sure if this is known, or who the founder is (if any) Requirements: 1 friend in your PSN chat party (That's it!) Steps: Start a PlayStation chat party and invite at least 1 friend. Once friend(s) join, Start your own Solo Session. Once in a Solo lobby, head to the chat party screen and...
  3. MystikMunk420

    Video  *PATCHED* 100% Solo issi dupe, nightclub, CEO/MOC method!

    I haven't seen a thread for this anywhere on Sins yet, so I thought I'd throw it up! Shout out to ObeseGiraffe and DaddCool NL for founding this super easy dupe!
  4. GeekyGtaGlitchGirl

    Patched  Super easy and fast - Shoot out of the Arcadius business center - Semi solo - Glitch

    Shoot out of the arcadius business building (if you own a ceo office there) Hey guys and girls, I found this glitch accidently messing around with the actual solo dupe glitch. Based on my research I found nothing similar to this topic so I decided to make this video and post it in here. I...
  5. llcubell

    Working  Attach Lantern to Belt

    Here's a simple glitch to get your lantern attached to your belt, allowing you to use a two handed rifle, dual wield handguns, etc. 1: Get a Friend to knock off your hat (Via hogtie) then move your horse close to your hat. 2: Now pull out your lantern and stand over your hat so the prompt to...
  6. EyeDuDab

    Working  Rdr2 Solo Online Public Lobby (2x Consoles)

    Are you ready for the First Ever Solo Lobby method? Tired of griefers? Do you own 2 Consoles? You're in luck... Requirements: 2x Consoles 1 Dummy Account Steps With your "Dummy Account", delete your online character and redo prologue (you will gain gold and cash, but you will lose...
  7. Digital_Junkie

    Patched  Otr, No Cops+Interaction Menu

    With this glitch you can also fly thru the map and buildings, so I'm sure it's possible to dupe with it. You can teleport back to facility with the doomsday heist message without losing the otr, same thing with lester heist. 1. In your facility call strike team to somebody and spectate player...
  8. Anthonyski


    requirements: moc or office with modshop nightclub with atleast one of the 10 car garage ALSO, IF IT DOESNT WORK FOR YOU, TRY AGAIN... IVE DUPED 120+ CARS IN THE LAST MONTH, 30 BEING WITH THIS VERY SAME METHOD. video: steps: open phone go to quick job go to garage door then go to last option...
  9. EyeDuDab

    Working  *Poormans Money Farm* GUIDE: GTAOnline - Rob the SAME Store Repeatedly ($1,100-$2,000 per Robbery)

    I didn't find a proper guide, so Im writing one up. This is a guide to rob the same store over n over I tried switching sessions according to the old guides, and finally got it to work 100% of the time. Goto any store you want, but this one in Grand Senora pays well, and the sweet spot is ez...
  10. HydraReese

    Patched  New Solo Duplication Glitch/ Facility,Bmx,Titan

    (PATCHED)- THIS GLITCH IS PATCHED (PATCHED) Founder is HunterClan To UnBrick Your Facility (To get rid of/swap aircrafts in Facility you need to buy a free Elegy over it.) Requirements: 2 Bmx in Facility 1 Titan (Make Sure Its A Personal Aircraft) Elegy Retro In the 4th Facility Slot Car You...
  11. F

    Patched  Possible start of a dupe glitch?

    Hi all I think I may have found a way for the start of a dupe glitch, but unsure on how to proceed. By perfecting some key press timings, I have managed to: - glitch out of the MOC into the bunker while in a car (infinite black loading screen) - glitch out of the MOC into the open world whilst...
  12. EyeDuDab

    Working  NOT PATCHABLE: Freemode **100% Solo OR w/ Friends/CEO** AFK (RP Farming)

    ******FREEMODE (NO JOBS)******* ***100% SOLO or w/ Friends*** ***200RP ROUGHLY EVERY 1m15s*** ***NO OTR REQUIRED*** Lemme know if yall have seen this posted or if im a duplicate :wink: I've seen similar threads, but only coupled with off the radar glitches and the use of a helicopter on top of...
  13. m0rphyy

    Patched  Solo Car Duplication

    Works as a GC2F method too :thumbsup: Can also have a Friend flip the street car over while on the Facility Full alert. I've got this down to around 3 min 30 sec per dupe at Grand Senora Desert Facility Requirements: Custom Plate on the Vehicle you are duping Full Facility Dump from Pegasus...
  14. Thekid71

    Video  close call in fortnite

  15. Digital_Junkie


    STEPS: 0) All platforms: Set matchmaking to closed under options 0) PC If you don't have already, order pisswassers from secretary in facility 1) In your facility call strike team to somebody and observe target 2) When observing, hold options button, press circle (B) and quickly release...
  16. CBD420

    Patched  SOLO FREEMODE SEMI AFK RP 16-24000RP/10mins x1.5/w friend

    If you want to find someone to do this with you DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD asking or sharing your GT to ask go to matchmaking, sorry but it's a site rule https://www.se7ensins.com/matchmaking/ Credit goes to me CBD420 as well as Native Pride 1988 for his finding of being able to use the...
  17. T

    Patched  (100% SOLO) - INVISIBLE, OTR, NO COPS EASIER METHOD (Requires Avenger)

    This is a variation of the already known radio-to-bed glitch, however it does not require you to spectate anyone or wait for them to leave. It can be done start to finish in three minutes or less. 1 - Go to the bedroom in the facility. 2 - Go first person and stand away from the radio, run...
  18. D


  19. EyeDuDab

    Working  earn race stunt rp without stunting: "rooftop bobble"

    SOLO! NOT AFK!!!! Xb1 & Ps4 job links :wink: Pc users (Anyone) can create this, i dont have pc version, but ill instruct anyone who wants to make it. super ez..... FOUNDER: unknown - possibly me..... MORE rp tricks.... slowish, NOT THE FASTEST. just another way to earn bonus stunt rp within...
  20. Digital_Junkie


    Video and step 4 updated, completely SOLO now!!! Enjoy:roflmao: Steps: 0) Xbox1 Go outside of facility and order CEO bussard, you will need it later 0) PC If you don't have already, order pisswassers from secretary in facility 1) In your facility bedroom run towards to radio and from there...
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