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  1. Kimil

    Patched  GOD MOD EASILY

    GOD MOD EASILY Founder: KIMH4CK REQUIREMENT: - Casino with suite - 1 vehicle in casino garage or parking - free aim - PDG STEP: 1. Go to the casino, in the suite call the valet to call the car from the car park or garage. Quickly after hanging up, make Options, Online, Activity, Created...
  2. xXGunModzXx

    Working  I found a *New* *Super Easy* Solo Unlimited MoneyGlitch in Story Mode !

    Hello everybody . I found a new glitch in GTA V (Story Mode), where you can easily get money. All you have to do is find ( with Michael ) an armored truck and steal it. Then you drive to your garage with the money transporter at your house and park the money transporter in there. Then you save...
  3. Silent Nine


    -Text Tutorial- Steal a horse and Get ANY 2 animals.(That you can place on the back of your horse) Make sure you are on your stolen horse. Put the first one on the stolen horse then the other one on your horse. Go to Stawberry and go to the cliff that is next to the butcher. Park the stolen...
  4. Kimil

    Patched  Let's MOVE the faggio's WITHOUT scuba tank, SOLO car duplication easily.

    FOUNDER: KIMH4CK 1- Position the car in the bunker and save by changing outfit. 2- Go to one of the basements of the discotheque. 3- Put the Faggio in second position in the garage. 4- Push the Faggio by pressing the two joysticks and X to continue the animation so that the character does...
  5. Kimil


    WORK PS4 AND XBOX AND FULL SOLO exclusive glitch founders: xFeaaRz & KiMH4cK (formerly called: teamH4ck h14) required: - a bunker - a mobile operation center - a luxury apartment with a choice of style - free aim for teleportation - invitation session 1 - Appearing at the bunker. Place the...
  6. High Gamer

    Patched  *Red Dead 2* No Stable Faster Cougar Duplication Glitch! Also Fast Fish Dupe! Make Thousands Now!!

    - J Stone New Cougar Dupe Video - - Fast Fish Dupe Video - - Credit - Chief Bacon Antioo25 J Stone **Huge shout out to that boii YT: J Stone for bringing these glitches to the community** Hey guys up above is a new Cougar duplication glitch and there is NO stable involved. Also above is a...


    Duplicate post: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/how-to-pull-off-rc-bandito-otr-semi-god-mode-glitch.1758600/ Shout Out to the Founder wherever he is... !!! Thank you for this Requirements: RC Bandito Pros: God mode playing against cops Character will be invisible Off the Radar...
  8. High Gamer

    Patched  *Red Dead 2 Online* SOLO Unlimited Easy Money Fish Glitch!!

    **High Gaming HD** YouTube: High Gaming HD **Glitch Video** **Founder** Unknown **Written Tutorial** 1: Head to North West Sait Denis to the gated mansion. 2: Walk/Ride through the gate and head to the back of mansion where you will find the fountain pool. 3: Stand near fountain and pull out...
  9. High Gamer

    Patched  100% Working*Must See Red Dead 2 UNLIMITED Money-XP-Gold Glitch!! *

    **High Gaming HD** YouTube: High Gaming HD (Please feel free to subscribe) **Glitch Video** **Founder** YouTube: TLG_TV 264_ **Also Support That Boi J Stone** YouTube: J Stone **Updated Method** Hey guys a little update on the UNLIMITED Money-XP-Gold Glitch, y'all will have to hold/spam right...
  10. J STONE

    Patched  TRUE Solo Unlimited Money/Gold/Xp Glitch! *MUST SEE!* Easy to Do!

    An extremely easy glitch to do! Earn 15,000Xp, 5 Gold Bars, and $840 Every Hour!! Step 1 - Download "Media Player" from PS Store (Could use any application that will suspend Red dead Once opened) Step 2 - Load in Red Dead Online Free Roam Mode and use the Left D-Pad to Open up the free roam...
  11. Kimil

    Patched  [SOLO] invisible + no cops

    FOUNDER: TeamH4ck H14 Reqs: - facility - private matchmaking Steps: - Go to the facility and take 10 beers to the secretary. (8 are needed to kill each other) - Go to the computer that manages the intervention teams. - In front of the computer with the right arrow icon active at the top...
  12. Kimil

    Patched  [SOLO] Invincible players only very easy

    reqs: no requirements, just invalid activity. steps: 1- Go to the rides and more precisely the Ferris wheel. 2 - go on a Ferris wheel and make options then entry pack into the criminal world and purchase shark cards. 3 - still in the menu from the map, do an invalid activity. 4 - back on the...
  13. Kimil

    Patched  New Method solo massive car duplication

    new method solo: TeamH4ckh14 youtube channel: UCoVGDcQwHzPrWHFYfsDFoYw old version duo: Apokalypt Requirements: - Bunker with MOC, car to duplicate in MOC (no iFruit plates needed) - Arena filled with Elegy RH8s (all 3 garages work) - RC Bandito - CEO Buzzard - Set your aim mode to 'Free Aim'...
  14. S

    Patched  Red dead solo lobby glitch

    I dont know if anyone else has already done this but I found it this morning. JStone and all other youtubers dont post this I give y'all no rights to it. 1. Join challenge lobby or any other mission wait for it to start. 2. Press left d-pad and go to quit to free roam and get alert. 3...
  15. Mr Glitches GTA


    THIS IS A 100% SOLO WORKAROUND *NO DIFFERENT TARGET* 100% SOLO CAR DUPLICATION GLITCH *WORKAROUND* Workaround founder: Obese Giraffe UPDATED 15/03/19 Requirements MOC With personal vehicle storage Nightclub -Car you want duplicate in MOC -Free elegy in nightclub service entrance -Point...
  16. A


    Hi, UPDATED VIDEO ------------- the new script by R* force drink the beer... so this is the alternative method. this time we do not point the finger in the middle of the purchased beer, we use the finger after animation end with the black alert error message. when you change to another...
  17. THP070

    Discovery  Champagne glitch workaround

    i guess it's impossible but maybe someone have an idea With this method you can still glitch the champagne bottle but the issi vanish Also tried to do the DM glitch first (not in video). Because you have your phone in your hand when you bring it up, but didn't work. Only looks funny
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