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  1. E

    Discovery  Possible solo lobby

    Heading into Valentine yesterday when I got killed by a kid who just started a bounty. I caught up with him in the Heartlands and introduced him to Dynamite arrows. I repeatedly killed him until he parlayed with me. I also killed his bounty target. Then I went to the nearest Stranger mission to...
  2. ObediahSawyer52

    Patched  Solo lobby method

    First contribution to the thread I'm not the original founder of this method. And quite frankly, I'm not even sure who found it but it was revealed to me through a friend. If this method has already appeared here or on YouTube, then apologies for the inconvenience. First things first, this...
  3. Zanzo420

    Patched  *NEW METHOD* 100% Flawless CO-OP SOLO LOBBY Glitch (After Patch!)

    FOUNDERS: Zanzo420 & Whiteywinn While doing one of the recent glitches me and a good friend of mine, Whiteywinn, found a new method to make a solo lobby. It is a CO-OP only method so you will need a friend. - Load into a free roam lobby then join game on your friend who is helping you. - Once...
  4. TG3R_IMM

    Working  After Patch! NEW SOLO LOBBY METHOD RDR2 Online 1.09

    Duplicate post: Here’s a new method to be solo in a Lobby in Red Dead Online 1.09. I found this method and it’s pretty easy.. 1. You will be in free roam session 2. A friend goes into a gun rush...
  5. E

    Working  Red Dead 2 Online SOLO LOBBY Glitch (New Method)

    Hey, What's up se7ensin's back with another glitch, This is another solo lobby glitch just like the others but allows you to invite your friends and have them join a lot easier with this method. Which is why I am posting to help you guys out that want to be in these lobbies with your friends or...
  6. S

    Patched  Red dead solo lobby glitch

    I dont know if anyone else has already done this but I found it this morning. JStone and all other youtubers dont post this I give y'all no rights to it. 1. Join challenge lobby or any other mission wait for it to start. 2. Press left d-pad and go to quit to free roam and get alert. 3...
  7. M

    Patched  The Best EASY Solo Lobby Method.

    I got this Idea from Modded deathmatch . also *EASY*Glitch* Spawn before all People with personal gun These threads carry the same Key steps to get this To function correctly. Key Steps are 2 and 3. Step 1. Replay a Story mission from the progress section of the start/options menu. (not sure...
  8. D

    Solved  Solo Lobby

    Hey Guys is there a way to get a Solo Lobby without a friend? I know the Way with the MTU but that doesnt work for me anymore. I use 658 at the MTu but it takes about 10 minutes and my lobby fills with People
  9. Starchomp

    Patched  Creating a Solo Lobby using Wifi hotspot

    All you need is a Android phone that can use mobile hotspot. So there are two icons when you activate hotspot. Mobile data icon and the hotspot icon. Once you enter a crowded lobby all you have to do is turn your mobile data off and quickly click data on again. That small lag will kick you...
  10. W

    Solved  Is the "test nat type" solo lobbies glitch patched?

    I've tried it 5 times today and each time it has thrown me back to story mode. Maybe I've just been unlucky each time but if it is patched does anyone know any other solo lobbie glitches for Xbox one? Thanks..
  11. Escobar Cartel

    Solved  Help... Need to find a new way to clear the lobby!

    Any known new ways on how to do this as changing the date no longer works for me. (PS4) I'm gonna have a fiddle later to see if I can find anything!
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