solo glitch

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    Patched Easy 80K - 150K profit from Arena War Discount Vehicles

    Requirements: Arena with modshop $767,000 (767k) Rat Truck Purchased from $37,500 (Normal) or $28,200 (Trade Price) Note - You must follow the daily sell limits!!!! Steps: Purchase Rat Truck from (use phone ingame) and deliver it to Arena Workshop Once delivered...
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    Patched Solo BMX in car spot

    How to put Bmx in Car Spot solo **note** I'm not the founder of this glitch, I'm just sharing this glitch with you, so you can make your magicslot easier. Original founder is man made(I'm not 100% sure, if I'm wrong then please correct me and thanks. Let's get straight to this glitch...
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    requirements orbital cannon friend to join(basically solo) 750,000 cash 1. go to orbital cannon and select 750,000 option (not sure if it works for 500,000 option) then back out and youll see your money is back 2. change outfit wait for orange loading circle 3. go back into the orbital...
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    Patched Solo Public Lobby Xbox One After Patch 1.41

    Hello Guys, today I'm goin to show you how to get a Solo Public Lobby on Xbox one After Patch 1.41 Founder: SerratedRug501 (me), and xKuruh This ONLY works after the Most Recent Xbox One Update While in a Public Session, press the Guide Button and Scroll to the right till u get to the System...
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    Solved Help... Need to find a new way to clear the lobby!

    Any known new ways on how to do this as changing the date no longer works for me. (PS4) I'm gonna have a fiddle later to see if I can find anything!
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    Solved Duping

    Are there any solo working dupe glitches working on ps4?
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    CREDITS: Well me and me friend that helped me finding this out! Text tutorial: 1. Get in a session. 2. Alt-tab from the game or minimize it. 3. Start task manager and go to Performance. 4. Click resource monitor and go to Network. 5. Now, find GTA5.exe, right click it, and click suspend process...
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    Working IWZ - Permanent Mule Kick + 6 Perks & 3 Guns

    Follow these easy steps and the glitch will work flawlessly! 1. Buy Mule Kick (Mule Munchies) & the 3 weapons of your choice. 2. Go to Polar Peak and ride the Hyper Slopes ride. 3. Once you're on the ride, let the clowns down you. 4. Get revived! After you get revived you will notice the Mule...
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